COMP112 Schedule

Schedule of lectures, tutorials, assignments, tests, and holidays.

Video recordings of lectures will be available in the COMP112 folder here. Alternatively you can navigate from the sidebar at left: click on Blackboard (Videos) and, once there, click on "VStream Videos".

Videos of the assignment demos and model answers are at AssignmentVideos

See the TimeTable for times and locations of lectures, labs, and tutorials

Week 1: 22 February - 28 February
Monday, Wednesday lectures: (102: Introduction to course, programming, and Java)
Friday lecture: Professor Bing Xue
Bing Xue guest lecture
Week 2: 1 - 7 March
Monday, Wednesday lectures: (102: Method calls, variables, constants, using UI, conditionals)
Friday lecture: Anne Irwin, and Dr Adam Donson (Ministry of Justice): The Real World (Industry)
Assignment: Introductory Lab, 1-3 March: Using the computer, using BlueJ, submitting assignments, modifying a program, a programming puzzle
Assignment: Assignment 1 (out 4 Mar): methods (writing and calling), using variables, reading input, writing, drawing:
Week 3: 8 - 14 March
Monday and Wednesday lectures: (102: new objects, parameters, and return, for each loop),
Friday lecture: Marcus Frean guest lecture : Swap dances (modelling human behaviour)
Due: Assignment 1 due 10am, Thursday, 11 Mar
Assignment: Assignment 2 (out 11 Mar): Conditionals, Creating new objects
Week 4: 15 - 21 March
Monday and Wednesday lectures: (102: counted for, while, files)
Friday lecture: Prof Will Browne - Programming to Affect the Real World
Due: Assignment 2 due 10am, Thursday, 18 Mar
Assignment: Assignment 3 (out 18 Mar): Methods with parameters, repetition with for
Week 5: 22 - 28 March
Test Thursday 25 March Terms Test 1: 5-6pm in MCLT102, HMLT104, COLT122, HULT323, HMLT205, MCLT103
Monday and Wednesday lectures: (102: More loops, files) slides as ppt, or pdf
Friday lecture: Dr Simon McCallum
Due: Assignment 3 due 10am, Thursday, 25 Mar
Assignment: Assignment 4 (out 25 Mar): Loops and files
Week 6: 29 March - 4 April
Monday and Wednesday lectures: (102: Classes, Objects, and Fields) slides as pdf or ppt and example grammar test4.txt
Friday lecture: Good Friday so no lecture
Due: Assignment 4 due 10am, Thursday, 1 Apr
Assignment: Assignment 5 (out 1 Apr): Loops and files
BREAK : MID-TRIMESTER : 5 - 18 April: No lectures or labs.
Week 7: 19 April - 25 April
Monday and Wednesday lectures: (102: More Objects, Event Driven Input)
Friday lecture: Rhys Owen, Wai-te-ata Press
Due: Assignment 5 due midnight, Friday 22 Apr
Assignment: Assignment 6 (out 22 Apr): Defining objects with fields and constructors
Assignment: Assignment 6+7 (out 22 Apr): Two week assignment, alternative to 6 and 7
112 students: see the 102 slides on using a GUI (buttons, sliders, mouse etc) with the ecs100 library
Week 8: 26 April - 2 May
Monday is a Holiday: 26 April ANZAC Day observed No lectures or labs
Monday and Wednesday lectures: (102: ArrayLists) slides as pptx or pdf
Friday lecture: Dr Karsten Lindquist
Due: Assignment 6 due 10am, Thursday, 29 Apr
Assignment: Assignment 7 (out 29 Apr): GUI's and ArrayLists
Week 9: 3 - 9 May
Test Thursday 6 May Terms Test 2: 5-6pm in MCLT102, HMLT104, COLT122, HULT323, HMLT205, MCLT103
Monday and Wednesday lectures: (102: ArrayLists and Arrays) cellular automaton: and
traffic jam simulation: and
Friday lecture: Richard Procter
Due: Assignment 7 or 6+7 due 10am, Thursday, 6 May
Assignment: Assignment 8 (out 6 May): ArrayLists
Week 10: 10 - 16 May
Monday and Wednesday lectures: (102: Arrays and 2D Arrays), - "restricted Boltzmann machine"
Friday lecture: David Pearce: talks,
github, homepage
Due: Assignment 8 due 10am, Thursday, 13 May
Assignment: Assignment 9 (out 13 May): More ArrayLists and Arrays
Assignment: Assignment 9+10 (out 13 May): Two week assignment, alternative to 9 and 10
Week 11: 17 - 23 May
Monday and Wednesday lectures: (102: 2D arrays, Review) - rock, paper, scissors
no lecture Wednesday
Friday lecture: Ed Abraham from [Dragonfly Science](
Due: Assignment 9 due 10am, Thursday, 20 May
Assignment: Assignment 10 (out 20 May): 2D arrays
Week 12 24 - 30 May
Monday and Wednesday lectures: a functional programming language pluto-julia-demo.jl: demo of julia (using pluto), pdf
Friday lecture: time out!
Due: Assignment 10 or 9+10 due 10am, Thursday, 27 May
Study and Assessment period" 1-20 June