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31/3/2021: Test1 hand back and model answers

Test1 model answers (and tutorial videos) are available at
Your marks will be available soon (by Thursday) at
We handed back test papers earlier today outside the lecture theatre, but if you didn't get there, you can pick up it later from the school office at CO358.
Please email me ( if you found any marking mistakes.

23/3/2021: Test 1 for distance students

Please check this page at
Please go to the online labs (Tuesday 1pm, Thursday 2-3pm) if you have any questions about the test.

19/3/2021: Test 1 Time and Room Allocation

When: Thursday 25 March 5-6pm
Where (room determined by your family name/surname):
Room         Family name
COLT122     Abdelnaby -- Chamberlain
HMLT104     Champness --  George
HMLT205     Gibbs --  Lutchanont
HULT323     Lyu --  Patel
MCLT102     Patena--  Schwabe
MCLT103     Scott -- Zong
We will have a web page for distance students with different arrangements.

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