Online Exam Process

  • This page is ONLY for students who will do the exam online.
  • This page was updated on 9 June. Check the bottom of this page for the main changes:
    • We have divided students into 3 groups. The time and zoom Link are different for each group. You need to find out which group you belong to using your student ID.
    • We added two page links under "questions, templates and submission link" at the bottom of this page. It is very important to click on the page for your group to make sure you can access that page. The page for your group is where we will attach the questions and templates. It also gives you the right link to the submission system.

  • Contact Sharon at immediately
    • if you cannot find a group associated with your student ID.
    • if your group is wrong (check the time carefully)
    • If you do not have permission to access the right page for your group under "questions, templates and submission link".

Preparation before the online exam:

  • During the exam, you need to have audio and video on and you must share your screen (your whole desktop), and have the chat window up. The video and the screen will only be visible to the host - other students shouldn't be able to see you and you shouldn't be able to see them.

  • The exam questions will be made available as a pdf file, 2 mins before the exam starts.

  • You will write your answers in a template file (plain text), which will also be available when the exam starts.
  • There is an example of how it will look here: online-template-example.txt
  • You must use a simple text editor to answer the questions (e.g. notepad, Textedit (mac) or similar).
    • We encourage you to download the example template and check that you know how to edit it in your text editor.
  • You will be allowed to use:
    • Calculators
    • English translation software and/or dictionaries.
    • This ECS100 reference sheet (we recommend that you familiarize yourself with it before the test.)
  • You will NOT be allowed to use:
    • BlueJ or any other programming app to compile, test or run your answer.
    • Web browsers for any other purpose than
      • downloading the exam material
      • submitting your exam answers
      • accessing the ECS100 reference sheet
      • online dictionary (translation of English into a Foreign language)
    • Any other applications
  • Have your Student ID (or other photo ID) ready.

Starting the exam:

  • Get ready for the exam at least 10 mins before the exam is due to start.
  • Make sure you have this page open in your browser
  • 10 mins before the exam, start a Zoom meeting using the Zoom link for your group. At the start, you will be in a waiting room. Then an invigilator will let you in.
  • When the tutor lets you in to the Zoom session.
    • turn on your video,
    • share your desktop.
    • open a chat window so the tutor can type messages to you - they may not be able to talk to you directly.
    • Startup Notepad (windows) or Textedit (mac) or another plain text editor.
  • If you are asked to show your ID, hold it up to your web cam so the tutor can see the ID and your face.
  • When you are allowed to start:
    • Open the exam questions
    • Download the template file for your answer
    • Open the template file with Notepad (on windows) or Textedit (on a mac) or any plain text editor.
    • You may start working on your answers.
    • Note:
      • Do not change the file name.
      • Do not remove any text from the file
        • You can add lines inside the answer boxes.
      • Do not use BlueJ or other programming environments.
      • You will have 125 minutes for the exam.
        • 120 minutes regular time and 5 minutes set up time.
          • If you have an extension approved by Disability Services, you will have that time plus 5 minutes to set up.
        • If you start late due to technical problems, you will still have 125 minutes for the exam.
        • You must stop typing answers when the tutor tells you to stop.

During the exam:

  • Save your file frequently to avoid losing your answers.
  • Use the Zoom Chat if you need to ask the supervisor a question.

Ending the exam:

When the tutor tells you to stop:
  • Stop typing immediately
  • Save your answers (as a txt file)
  • Submit your answers using the submission system (You will find a direct link where you downloaded the exam.)
  • If the submission system says that your submission is late or there is any other problem, ask the supervisor.
  • When the supervisor has checked that you have submitted your answers, you can then end the Zoom session. Do not re-submit your answers after this - the system will record the change and your answers will not be marked.

Exam rules:

  • "Closed book", You can only use calculators; no other resources are allowed (such as lecture notes or your assignments, or textbooks).
  • You can use translator software or a dictionary.
  • You can use the ECS100 reference sheet
  • Do not use BlueJ.
  • Do not use phone, chat or email to talk about the questions except with the course coordinator or your invigilator.
  • Do not post any questions
  • Do not post any answers
  • Do not use any forum, group chat, or any other media to talk about questions for 24 hours after the test, in case some students have to sit the test late due to sickness.

List of IDs and zoom rooms

14 June 9:30am-11:30am Group1

  • Zoom Link:
  • 300228236 300362935 300397282 300475961 300482056 300485426 300536439 300547821 300565747 300568213 300573118 300577063 300582025 300593110 300597563 300604334 300604752 300605998 300607581 300610807 300610849 300615380 300619027 300620031 300621747 300622713 300624019 300624908 300626742 300627465 300628943 300630190 300587418 300630465 300630839

14 June 9:30am-11:50am Group2

  • Zoom Link:
  • 300500819 300528694 300557476 300557527 300567469 300576891 300585701 300589465 300599895 300605198 300606613 300607092 300610205 300611055 300619135 300628672

14 June 3:30pm-5:30pm Group3

  • Zoom Link:
  • 300444656 300528263 300530936 300568668 300572629 300582621 300584119 300584925 300586866 300592409 300592450 300595916 300602707 300610193 300611398 300621251 300621876 300621961 300621975 300622594 300630450

Use one of the following links: