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COMP102/112: Getting Help and the FAQ

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Lab Tutors and Help Desk

Your first source for help with the course should be the tutors in your weekly labs, the tutor at the scheduled help desk (see the Weekly Timetable), and the online tutor (see below)

Asking for help from online tutor

To ask for help from the tutors on a problem with your code, submit your request on the comp102 help system (put your question in the box, attach your file, and click "Create Ticket") or email your question to and attach your code to the email.
Make sure that:
  • You have attached your .java files (not the .class or .ctxt or the project.bluej files)
  • You have explained what the problem is and what you have tried to do to solve it so far.
A tutor will try to answer your question (when they are next on line and available).
Note: We don't have the resources to do a general check of your code - you have to check it yourself by running your code and checking that it does all the things required in the assignment specification.


We plan to build up a list of answers to common problems that we see repeatedly:

Video resources

  • Video recordings of the lectures are available through Blackboard: Use the link in the menu bar and then click on ‘VStream Videos’ in the course menu.
  • Tutorial videos covering a variety of topics.

NOTE If you want to watch the videos in the labs, you will need to bring along your own headphones.

Study Buddy

We allow students to work in pairs as long as you add a comment in your source code who you worked with.
In 2022 we can help you find a study buddy using this form This is informal and not registered, so please still add a comment that you worked together in your assignment.

Other sources of help: