Welcome to COMP102/112 for 2023 Tri T1.


The 102 and 112 lectures will still be delivered in person:
  • COMP102: Kirk LT303
  • COMP112: Mclauren LT102 will hold only 56 students

Lectures will be recorded. You can find them here or from the Schedule page.


Labs are in-person In-person lab:
  • CO219
  • CO238
If you have extenuating circumstances (e.g. disability or illness), and you cannot be in-person, contact the course coordinator.

Course Pages and Resources:

  • People involved with the course. (Staff, Tutors, Class representatives)

What happens if you failed?
  • If you failed COMP 102, then you can't take COMP 103 or CGRA 151 or ENGR 110 in trimester 2
  • If this was your first attempt at COMP 102 (or you failed because of illness or other external circumstances) then you are allowed to repeat the course one more time.
  • If this was your second attempt at COMP 102, then you cannot repeat it again unless there are special circumstances.

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