Welcome to COMP 102 for 2024 Tri T1.


The lectures will still be delivered in person in Kirk LT303

Lectures will be recorded. You can find them here or from the Schedule page.


Labs are in-person In-person lab:
  • CO219
  • CO238
If you have extenuating circumstances (e.g. disability or illness), and you cannot be in-person, contact the course coordinator.

Course Pages and Resources:

  • People involved with the course. (Staff, Tutors, Class representatives)

What happens if you failed?
  • If you failed COMP102, then you can't take COMP103 or CGRA151 or ENGR110 in trimester 2
  • If this was your first attempt at COMP102 (or you failed because of illness or other external circumstances) then you are allowed to repeat the course one more time. For instance in trimester 3.
  • If this was your second attempt at COMP102, then you cannot repeat it again unless there are special circumstances.

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