Introduction to Computer Science: COMP112 2020 Trimester T1.

Welcome to COMP112 for 2020 Tri T1.


1/4/2020: Engagement Day

Hello Everyone in COMP102/112,
We will have an engagement day this Thursday on 2 April. Please note that all students who are doing this course in distance should also join our activities on this day.
Here is the list of activities we have planned to practice for when teaching starts at the end of April:

1) Submit a short text file using our online submission system. This step
is really important because it will help us to identify the students who
couldn't connect so that we can follow them up to help them get connected.
     a. Login to blackboard and go to COMP102-COMP112
     b. Download the file called "EngagementDayQuestions.txt" (You must do this step on Thursday to be counted as "engaged")
     c. Open the file and answer the questions
     d. Submit your answers using our online submission system by clicking here:

2) Watch a short video created by Pondy, from blackboard
  (Use the "Vstream Videos" link)

3) Try one of our online labs via zoom for about 10-15 minutes.
  a) Go to the web site:, and login using your university account
  b) Join a meeting, using "comp102" as the meeting ID.
     Please note that we are merging the 102/112 labs for this session,
     so 112 students should also use the comp102 meeting ID.
  *  For people who have scheduled labs on Thursday, please join
     the meeting at your scheduled time at 11, 12 or 1
  *  For people who do not have scheduled labs, the zoom meeting is optional
     but you may join one at 11:30 (family name A-H), 12:30 (family name I-P)
     or 1:30 (family name Q-Z).

If you have never used "zoom" before and you need some help,
please view the "zoom_faq_for_students.pdf" file from blackboard under
the COMP102-COMP112 course.

Finally,  If you do not have a computer or Internet at home, or you have any
other reasons for not being able to do the first step, please email me
your course code (either COMP102 or COMP112) and your name.  If you know
any of our students who do not have a computer or Internet at home,
please also email the course code and their names to me. My email is and the subject should include "comp102/112 engagement day".

I wish you all a fun engagement day this Thursday!
Stay Safe and Well!

30/3/2020: Assign 2 is now due on April 30th, 10am

Please make sure you can do your assignments from home. Check this page to set up your computer:
Please contact me if you know someone who is doing 102/112 but do not have a computer or Internet at home.
Sharon at

24/3/2020: Message from our VC

All teaching has stopped and will recommence online on Tuesday 28 April
We will hold an 'Online Student Engagement Day' on Thursday 2 April to give staff and students an opportunity to engage and test online teaching.

Course Pages and Resources:

System Management: Set up ECS account, Change password, Forward your email, Check print allocation, Report a problem

Technical Documentation and FAQs: There are lots of useful pages at Support.WebHome on many different aspects of the ECS computing system.

Science/Engineering Faculty resources: TeRopu Awhina the Maori/Pacific focused support network. Science and Engineering Faculty office.

VUW resources: Learning Support, Study Resources, helpful booklets on many study topics; Computing Services
VUW Library resources for Engineering, and Computer Science

Clubs: VEC (VUW Engineering Club)

Other resources: A list of free online courses in computer science, which could add to your learning.