Programming for the Natural and Social Sciences: COMP132 2020 Trimester T2.

Welcome to COMP132 for 2020 Tri T2.


21/10/2020: Term test 2

The page can be accessed by clicking on Term test 2 on the left.
Model solutions for all assignments are in CO219. Please use it for your own study and do not distribute these answers to anyone else.

12/10/2020: Prepare for term test 2

You will have to use a new library called seaborn to load the data. So you must test whether seaborn is already installed on your computer by typing this line of code:

import seaborn as sns

biopython and KNN are not in the test. The test covers Pandas and Linear regression.
Hard copies of model solutions of previous assignments can be picked up from CO219. Sorry we do not give any digital copies.
I will come to the last lecture on Thursday to answer questions.

7/10/2020: Term Test (IMPORTANT)

Time: Thursday 22 October 5pm-6pm
Rooms: Depends on your family name
    KKLT303    AL-Rubaye  to Jennings
    MCLT103    Jordan  to  Uchida
    KKLT301    Vukovic  to Zhou
Open book, work on your own computer on-site, submit a file online at the end
You must bring your laptop to the assigned rooms, and you need Internet connection and all software required for doing your assignments.
If you need to use lab machines, email me and you can do it in CO219.
If you can not do it at the specified time, email me a good reason and any supporting documents you may have. Also you must give me at least two of your available times.
If you are doing the course from distance and you have to do it online, email me.
The topics mainly focus on Pandas and Machine learning.
The hard copies of test questions will be handed out in the rooms. There will be a Web page you can use to submit your answers.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Sharon (

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