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There is a very good blog about how to use IntelliJ, including how to create .jar file with Java files in it (see step 6).

Slides for engagement day


7/5/2020: Re: Announcements

My online office hour is via zoom:

3-4pm, every Thursday

3/5/2020: Re: Announcements

Assignment 2 in-person marking sign up instructions:

(1) Access Discord using the link:
(2) Go to the #comp261-schedule channel, to read the commands and check the available slots.
(3) Go to the #comp261-marking channel to sign up your slot(s).

22/4/2020: Re: Announcements

Course Redesign Summary

The key of the course redesign is to reduce ~20% of your workload for the rest of your trimester without losing much of the learning objectives. In the redesigned course, we have made the following key changes:

- NO final exam (this is consistent with all the other courses) and its preparation workload
- Remove the mid-term test and its preparation workload
- Remove the original assignment 3
- Break the original assignment 2 into two part (now assignment 2 and assignment 3)
- Remove one lecture at the end of the trimester (we may provide the video recording for those who still like to learn, but not required)
- Add some exam/test-style questions into assignments 2-5 to assess the conceptual understanding. Please do NOT conduct plagiarism for these questions (!
- Re-allocate the marks to the assignments as follows:
     * Assignment 1: 6 -> 6 marks
     * Assignment 2: 6 -> 19 marks
     * Assignment 3: 6 -> 25 marks
     * Assignment 4: 6 -> 25 marks
     * Assignment 5: 6 -> 25 marks
- Due to the late confirmation of the course redesign, there may be some unfairness that some students have put the effort to assignment 2 as if it worth 6 marks. So we will have an alternative calculation, which still counts assignment 2 as 6 marks, and distribute the remaining 13 marks to assignments 3-5. We will select the higher marks between the two.
- The due date of the subsequent assignments will be adjusted accordingly. We will notify you later on.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any difficult working from home (e.g. internet issues), we will try our best to support!