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6/4/2020: Re: Announcements

Assignment 2 (Route Finding) is released, and due in 26 Apr (end of the break)!

Please download the assignment from

This assignment is solely based on the Dijkstra’s algorithm and A* Search that have been delivered before the teaching paused, so you can finish this assignment without needing to learn any new course content.

The current break period is considered as an “extended” mid-term teaching break, NOT a holiday. We would expect students to continue study during this period if they can – the same as what we/you normally do during the mid-term break. By releasing the current assignment 2 (which is the first half of the original assignment 2), we intend to spread out your workload to the break period and the weeks after the break, so that you will not be so overloaded after the break. The current assignment 2 is about half of the original assignment (about 3 weeks workload), so should be able to be completed in 1.5~2 weeks.

We fully understand that there can be many other things to worry about during this period, that make it hard for you to work on the released assignment. If you have any difficulty over the break period, please do not hesitate to let me know (, and I will try my best to help and support.

25/3/2020: Re: Announcements

Kia ora COMP261 students,

The below provides some information on your COMP261 course. We will continue to provide you with updates related to this course here. Important information about the wider University response to COVID-19 is here: This page is updated regularly and we encourage you to keep an eye on it.

What is happening with teaching?
As of the afternoon of 23 March 2020, teaching at Victoria University of Wellington has paused – both in person and online. This means that for this course there will be no formal teaching until Tuesday 28 April 2020. There are other ways you can engage with your learning during this time and we will share some possible options with you, once we decide on them. These activities are optional.

When and how will my course be delivered?
After 28 April 2020 teaching will resume. We are preparing for this course to be delivered via distance via Zoom, and any updates to the delivery of this course will be communicated here or by class email before classes resume.

What happens to my assessments while teaching is paused?
There is a blanket extension until Friday 3 April for any assessment due between 23 March and 2 April, hence not applicable for COMP261.

Assignment 1 in-person marking sessions are as scheduled, starting from 30 March. The marking signup sheet is available [Please NOTE that there are six sheets (tutors) at the bottom of the page, and please do NOT overwrite the black entries.] Don’t worry if you cannot make any time slot in this sheet. Please send email to your course coordinator (Yi Mei), and we will arrange a make-up marking session for you.

You will be advised of any further updates to your assessment due dates, if any, via the COMP261 course homepage announcement and the class email by your course coordinator (Yi Mei).

Who can I contact about my course?
At this stage, please contact your School or Course Coordinator (Yi Mei) for advice. Although our physical offices are closed from 24 March 2020, we are working remotely and you can still contact us via email for advice. Contact details for Schools and the Faculty Office are available on the website [ /]

These are challenging times and it’s important to prioritise your own health and wellbeing. We understand students will be affected in a variety of different ways, and we will do our best to be flexible and support you however we can. Stay calm,  be kind to each other, and take care.

Best regards,
Yi Mei

23/3/2020: Re: Announcements

Assignment 1 online marking signup sheet:
NOTE: Please note there are six sheets at the bottom, each corresponding to a marking tutor.
NOTE: Please do NOT remove the black-filled boxes and put your name there. There won't be a marking session in the black-filled boxes!
NOTE: To join your marking session, please join the 200-level helpdesk Discord server ( and enter the COMP261 channel at the time of your marking session. Your marking tutor will send you private message for the in-person marking then.