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1/4/2020: Re: Announcements

Hi all,

Hope everything is going well with you for settling down and getting used to your new working and living environment!

This email is a kind reminder for the Student Engagement Day in 2 April (Thursday), and our plan for that day:

  • We will be running a test online lecture using Zoom. The Zoom link is (This will be recorded and put onto Panopto later on)    
  • The activity starts from 2:10pm, which is our normal lecture time. Please click the link at 2:10pm to join.
  • We will give a briefly outline of how we will change the course, to reduce your workload without compromising the learning objectives, and upcoming lectures and assignments.
  • We will also outline some arrangements on assignment 1, and how helpdesks will be running afterwards.
  • We will also test some interactive activities to make sure the online lectures/tutorials/helpdesks will be going smoothly.

  •    To help us gather the information of your engagement, please login, and go to COMP307/COMP420 course page (the direct link is ). Then download a file called “Engagement questions” (there are 4 simple questions in there), answer them briefly in a txt file, and submit the txt file to the assignment submission system. There is a dummy assignment called “Engagement_Questions” in the system. This is VERY IMPORTANT, and please do so by the end of 2 Apr (Thursday).
  •    If you are not able to attend the engagement activity in 2 April, please DO email us (Meng and myself) and let us know.

If you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know. Stay safe, keep calm, and we will go through this challenging period together! See you all on Thursday!

Best Regards,
Yi and Meng

28/3/2020: Re: Announcements

COMP307/420 Assignment 1 new deadline --- 15 April with reduction of Part 3

We have just received the approval from our Associate Dean (Students) that our Assignment 1 will have a major change to respond to COVID-19:

-- The submission deadline has been extended to 15 April at 10:00am, and

-- Part 3 have been removed (since we haven't delivered the lecture on Perception).

Please check your email to see more detailed information.

Stay safe,

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