Test 1 (15% for COMP307, 10% for AIML420):

Test 1 covers material from weeks 1 to 6.

Online test instructions (see below)

Date: Friday 05 May 2023 at 11:00 - 11:50

In-person test Location:

-Surname A to K -> KKLT301, Kirk, Kelburn

-Surname L to Z -> LT101, Maclaurin, Kelburn (Same lecture theater where the tutorials take place on Fridays)

Previous tests for studying and preparing: PDF 2021, PDF 2022

COMP307/AIML420 2023 Test 1: Online Test Instructions

Preparation before the test:

  • You will need to be able to use Zoom. You will be allocated a Zoom link to join.
  • During the test, you need to have audio and video on and you must share your screen (your whole desktop).
  • The test questions will be available to be downloaded on this web page (see below).
  • You will write your answers in a txt file provided on this web page (see below).
  • Have your Student ID (or other photo ID) ready.

Starting the test:

  • Have checked all the above items in "preparation before the test" by 15 mins before test (10:45am, 5 May),
  • Make sure you have this page open in your browser,
  • Download (right-click and "Save Link As...") the test paper and the answer sheet txt file (will be available when the test starts),
  • Open the test paper and answer sheet file side-by-side on your screen,
    • Keep the test paper on the front page until the test starts.
    • Do NOT change the answer sheet file name.
  • Join the Zoom meeting link you were allocated. You will see your allocated link at the bottom of this page. You will start off in a waiting room; wait for the tutor to let you in.
  • When the tutor lets you in to the Zoom session:
    • turn on your video,
    • share your desktop,
    • open a chat window so the tutor can type messages to you - they may not be able to talk to you directly,
    • start up calculator software in your computer - if you want to use it for some questions.
  • If you are asked to show your ID, hold it up to your web cam so the tutor can see the ID and your face.
  • You can use physical draft papers and physical calculators. In this case, you need to adjust your camera angle to let us see what you are doing all the time (it might not be practical to show what you are writing, so it is not a requirement to point the camera at the paper you are writing, but the tutor still need to see you all times).

During the test:

  • When you are allowed to start:
    • You may start working on your answers.
    • You will have 45 minutes for the test.
    • If you start late due to technical problems, you will still have 45 minutes for the test.
  • Save your file frequently to avoid losing your answers.
  • Use the Chat if you need to ask the supervisor a question.

Ending the test:

When the tutor tells you to stop:
  • Stop typing any new answers
  • Submit your answers using the following link:
  • If the submission system says that your submission is late or there is any other problem, ask the supervisor.
  • When the supervisor has checked that you have submitted your answers, you can then end the Zoom session. Do not re-submit your answers after this - the system will record the change and your answers will not be marked.

Test rules

  • "Closed book", You can only use the brief documentation provided in the test paper, no other resources (such as lecture notes or your assignments, or textbooks).
  • You can use a translator software or a dictionary.
  • Do not use phone, chat or email to talk about the questions
  • Do not post any questions
  • Do not post any answers
  • Do not use forum or group chat to talk about questions for 1 week after the test, in case some students have to sit the test late due to sickness.

List of zoom rooms

All the students will be allocated to the zoom room: https://vuw.zoom.us/my/vuwproctor1