Hole Enter.jpg “Where shall I begin?” The White Rabbit asked. “Begin at the beginning” the King said, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”
— Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

This page is for the curious (and curiouser). It is designed to be irreverent and unofficial, with lots of idioms and cultural references. The 'Rabbit Hole' concept comes from Alice in Wonderland, where Alice falls down a rabbit hole encountering many wondrous things. Thus, this is a collection of interesting and wondrous links, which are somehow related to Machine Learning tools.

Warning content is not all in the curriculum of COMP309. It does, however, contain links and ideas useful for solving assignment tasks.


List of commercial tools

Basic tools

GUI editors suitable for assignment 1:
  • Weka Easiest place to start for the majority of algorithms
  • Heuristic Lab useful for the EC algorithms
  • KEEL also useful for the EC algorithms

Intermediate tools

  • KNIME Highly rated platform with clear pipelines
  • Scikit-learn Scikit-learn is an open-source machine learning library for the Python programming language

Advanced tools

Keras for TensorFlow Keras is an API designed for human beings, not machines. Create your own pipelines using Python for TensorFlow

Blogs and Lists

MOOCs and Courses tools





Kaggle Competitions and interesting datasets

Coding and GPU Help

R Data Exploring

Python: GPUs:

Research papers and books

Fun stuff