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2/4/2020: Lecture slides, some code for very basic CNN

The lecture schedule page is updated with slides for one more lecture and some code that might be helpful for building the baseline for your project. The first three weeks plus this lecture covers everything you need for your project.

1/4/2020: Engagement Day

Hello Everyone in COMP423,

We will have an engagement day this Thursday on 2 April! Please note that all students doing the course in distance in China should join our activities on this day as well.

Here is the list of activities we planned for you:

1. Submit a short text file using our online submission system. This step is compulsory because we use it to find out students who have problems to connect.
    a.    Login to blackboard, go to COMP423
    b.    Download the file called “EngagementDayQuestions.txt” (must do this step on the day to be counted as 'engaged')
    c.    Open the file and answer the questions
    d.    Submit your answers using our online submission system by clicking here:

2. Attend an online lecture via zoom for about 15 minutes starting at 1:10pm on the day.
    a.    Go to the web site at, and login using your university account
    b.    Join a meeting using “238-247-576” as the meeting ID. You can also join by click here
    c.    If you have never used “zoom” before and you need some help, please view the
       “zoom_faq_for_students.pdf” file from blackboard under the COMP423 course.

If you can not engage on the day, please email me your name, and give me the reasons and how we can help you.  My email is and your title must include “COMP423 engagement day”.

I wish you all a fun engagement day this Thursday!

Stay Safe and Well!

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