New Schedule

Helpdesks: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3.10-4pm

Tutorial with lecturers: Friday 3.10-4pm

We will post recorded lectures during the week on the lecture schedule page.

New Assessment Schedule

  • Lab exercise 1, due 22/3, 2.5% marks available
  • Assignment 1, due 19/5, 22.5% marks available
  • Test #1, (starts noon on Thursday 28/5, ends midnight Friday), 25% marks available
  • Assignment 2, due 8/6, 25%
  • Test #2, (starts noon on Thursday 25/6, ends midnight Friday), 25% marks available

Communications and Getting Help

All announcements are now made in one place via Blackboard.

We are keeping track of common questions and answers on a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

We have a few different ways to get help with the assignments and test preparation:

  • Weekly helpdesks and workshop for one-on-one help (see weekly timetable).
  • Asking for help from the tutors with a specific question, submit your request on the cybr171 help system (put your question in the box and click "Create Ticket")
  • Alternatively email your question to
  • Email Harith and/or Ian for help, remember to put CYBR171 in the subject line.