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All labs are in CO139 on the first floor of the Cotton building.

The labs are open during the lab times, other times they may be locked and you'll need to use one of the other free lab rooms.

See the list of lab tutors

Working from Home

The best way to work from home is to log into our computers, this means you will be using exactly the same tools as you use here.

Windows users should install Putty to allow remote access our computers.

There is a good video on how to install and use it here.

Once installed you use your ECS username and password to access our computers.

Use one of these machines for the host:


Linux or Mac users should use the ssh command, for example: ssh where you replace ecsusername with your own username.

Note that first time you log into our macines you will be asked if you trust it, check its the name of the machine you want and just click accept.

More detailed information is available here: