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Since we could not access the full outline yesterday, please read the outline carefully.

Your class Rep will be Riley Allen.


Thusdays 1-4pm

Location: CO249

Since the Level 4 Lockdown, the only lab left on Filters will be online.

Changes to the new Structure/Assessment:

2B. Revised assessment scheme
   Assignment 1 Power Amps  
       out: Week 3 Due: 28th April    15 hours 10%   
    Assignment 2 Thermal Management and Power Supplies
       out: Week 4 due: Week 6              10 hours 10%   
    Assignment 3 Robin's A3 on OPAMPS 
       out: Week 7 Due: Week 9     10 hours 10%       
    Assignment 4 Robin's A4 on OPAMPS 
       out: Week 9 Due: Week 11       10 hours 10%
   Three laboratory exercises (3 hrs each)
       out: Weeks 2,3,7 Due: next week 9 hours 10%
   Design Exercise 
        Due: Week 10                  15 Hours 10%
   Test 1 (1hr test, 24 hours to answer)
       Date: Week 7                    10hrs     20%   (includes preparation time)
   Test 2 (1hr test, 24 hours to answer)
       Date: Week 12                   10hrs     20%   (includes preparation time)
- The Design Exercise replaces the Design Project with a simpler simulation exercise
- The two Take-Home Tests replace the Exam
Assessment submission schedule:
 Weeks 4 (A1), 6 (A2), 7 (test1), 8 (A3), 9 (lab3), 10 (design report), 11 (A4), 12 (test2) 
3A. Current Mandatory Course Requirements
   In addition to achieving an overall pass mark of at least 50%, students must:
      - Submit the project report.
3B. Changes to MCRs
   No Changes