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Hi all,

I have put together a bit of a plan for next week (23/03/2020 to 27/03/2020) to try and get the practical ECEN405 stuff done. It’s entirely possible that this plan may change further, but better to have a plan and change it, than not to have one at all.

- Monday the 23rd , in the lecture slot, we will be in the lab (AM219) and we will complete Lab 3 (I have it booked from 11 to 1, I am aware that people might have classes on either side, so I will try to be there from 10am)

- Tuesday the 24th, in the lab time, I will do a tutorial on Simulink power systems (location TBC). If we are isolated, the D class project may well have to be a design and simulate project. So, I would at least like to walk people through the software (if other software is preferred, we can discuss this)

- Wednesday the 25th, again, we will be in AM219 to complete the final lab (boost converter)

I will video all lectures next week (lecture 7 and 8, maybe 9) and will make myself available during the Thursday slot to answer questions on whatever might need clearing up.

I have not been given any additional information about the university closing, but I think we need to bang out as much of the practical stuff as possible this week, just in case.