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Assignment 1 - Circuit Analysis


The Labs are in CO249, on Mondays at 9:00-12:00. The lab tutors will be around for the first two hours of each lab.

Lab Date Lab
Week 2 Lab 1: SPICE
Week 3 Lab 0: Introduction to Matlab
Weeks 4,5 Lab 3: Amplifier
Week 6 Lab 0: Matlab plotting
Week 7 Lab 4: Resonance
Week 8 Lab 5: RCL Frequency Response
Week 9 Lab 6(5b): Frequency Response Measurement
Week 11 Lab 7: Transformers

Spice Exercises

Download LTSpice

LT Spice Getting Started Guide

Matlab Exercises

As a university student, you have access to FREE Mathworks Matlab training available at Create a free Matlab account with your e-mail address, and log into the Matlab Academy with this account to access the training. We recommend at least covering the three Core Matlab training exercises, MATLAB Fundamentals, MATLAB for Data Processing and Visualization, and MATLAB Programming Techniques. Matlab Onramp could also be useful, but it does repeat some information covered in Lab 2 (Matlab Intro).