EEEN 301 (2024) - Home Page

Welcome to EEEN 301.

This page provides information about the course, and will be updated as the course proceeds. Students enrolled in EEEN301 should visit this page regularly to ensure that they are aware of the information available here. If you find errors, note omissions, or have any other comments regarding these pages, please contact Hamish Colenso (

Course Outline

Lecture/tutorial times

Tuesday Lecture 15:10 - 16:00, KK202, Kelburn

Thursday Lecture 15:10 - 16:00, KK204, Kelburn

Friday Tutorial 15:10 - 16:00, KK204, Kelburn (not normally used as we reinforce the lecture material in the labs).

Note: All lectures will be recorded and then stored in Nuku. However, we strongly encourage attendance as then you will be able to participate in discussions and demonstrations.

Lab times

All labs will be in Cotton 249 and they will start on the week beginning 4th March.

One 3 hour lab session has been allocated for EEEN301: Wednesdays 14:00 - 17:00

Please note that only the first 2 hours will be supervised [Provided I can secure a tutor].

Course plan

EEEN301 Plan for 2024.pdf

First assignment -- release end of week 5 (due end of week 6, after the mid-trimester break)

Test 1 in week 8, Tuesday 30th April in KK202 (in person, answer book for handwritten answers). You will be allowed 1 double sided A4 sheet of paper worth of notes.

Second assignment — release end of week 10 (due end of week 12)

Test 2 in exam period. Again, you will be allowed 1 double sided A4 sheet of paper worth of notes.


I'll run office hours / ask me anything regarding EEEN301 time on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10 am until 11 am.

Important notices will appear here!

There will not be any tutorials at this moment. However, we will have some mini-tutorials in the labs.