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Installing C++ compiler on Windows10

  • Create new folder inside C drive. For example, C:MinGW, name is not critical
  • Save the file from Attachments at the bottom of this webpage into this folder
  • Unzip it. You may need to install software from Windows store to do that
  • Navigate to C:MinGW. Inside (may be several layers down) there will be folder called bin. Inside bin there is program g++. It is C++ compiler
  • Remember name of the folder with g++ inside
  • Open Windows settings, find *Environment" setting. It shows you table of Windows settings
  • Select PATH from top table. Click Edit button. It shows list of folders which Windows will be using when looking for the program of given name to run.
  • Click new, one more empty row is added.
  • Paste name of the folder ending in ...bin into this row.
  • Close all dialog boxes clicking OK.
  • Restart the computer
  • C++ compiler is installed
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