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Welcome to the home pages for ENGR 123: Engineering Mathematics with Logic and Statistics.

Connecting with us

https://vuw.zoom.us/my/engr123?pwd=UTU2L0w4QTl0b2VRd3BWUzFTQ2pmUT09 Password is engr123

Plans for covid levels

David and Steven have posted plans for the course under different covid levels. We'll send announcements as the situation unfolds.


Announcements will be made via the blackboard announcement system


The Course Coordinator is Dr Steven Archer. Steven is lecturing the first six weeks, and David Cox is lecturing the final six weeks.

David's office hours are Tues/Thurs/Fri 12.30-1.30, please use Zoom link https://vuw.zoom.us/j/93827438330 or email david.cox@vuw.ac.nz for an appointment. Once we're back on campus you can also just drop in to CO547 to see if I'm in.

For administrative queries on assignments, tutorials and marking contact Dr Steven Archer.

Dr Howard Lukefahr is in charge of the labs, their supervision, report marking, and the lab content for this course. Howard is also offering special tutorials and events aimed at giving you extra help in this course. Physical and zoom session details will appear here.

Class Representative

Thanks to both class reps that have kindly offered their services.

Discord and Facebook

Not sure about facebook, but the discord link is https://discord.gg/6eR5vTJzzP

Extra Help

The maths helpdesk timetable is here.

The office hours of math and statistics academics are listed here.

Student learning are here to help. Here are lists of their staff and T2 workshops, along with a promotional video.

Content and material

Lecture Notes

Assignments and Tutorials and Answers

Test One

Test one solutions, a marking scheme will be up shortly.

As promised, here is the cover sheet for test one.

Old tests (with solutions) are below.

Test Two

At this stage it is intended that Test 2 will be held in the Monday lecture of week 12, that is Monday October 4th from 10.00-10.50am. Provision will be made for any student who is not on campus.

The formula sheet that will be provided with Test 2 is here: 2021T2 Test 2 Formula Sheet

Here are three previous exams (only the relevant parts for Test 2 are shown). This is more revision material for Test 2.

Blackboard tests

A practice test will appear on blackboard (via the left-hand menu link or otherwise) closer to the assessment period.


There is no textbook for Engr 123.

Detailed lecture notes will also be posted on the course homepages from week to week.

Assessment information

See the course outline for an overview.

To expand on the official assessment notes in the Course Outline, here is how your percentage mark is calculated, on which your final grade is based:

Assignments 25%, Labs 25%, Discrete Test 25% and Stats Test 25%.

In addition, there are two final (blackboard) tests, one for Discrete and one for Stats. Each of which can overwrite 5% of the associated sit-down test mark.

Keeping current

Videos Of Lectures

We record all lectures to video. To see videos of lectures, please follow the blackboard link in the menu to the left.


Help Desk

The Mathematics Help Desk is a good place]] to come and ask questions if you are having trouble understanding tutorial and/or assignment questions, or material covered in lectures or in your extended reading. You are welcome here any time.

Dr Howard Lukefahr will run evening workshops, details under the people section.

Extra Help from Student Support

There is more help available from Vic's Student Support. They will help you with ENGR123, and they can also help advise on study habits and how to pass courses. Take a look at their website:


Extension problems

You may not be able to solve these problems initially, but we'll build up skills to make them accessible.
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