ENGR 301 (2020) - Home Page

Welcome to the ENGR 301 home page. This page, and those linked on the left bar, provide information about the course and will be updated as the course proceeds. Students enrolled in ENGR 301 should visit this page regularly to ensure that they are aware of the information available here.

The regular teaching schedule is:
  • Monday 1410-1500 in HMLT104
  • Wednesday 1000-1050 in COLT122
  • Friday 1100-1150 in HULT323

Due to COVID-19 Lectures are taking place on Zoom: https://vuw.zoom.us/my/engr301

If you find errors, note omissions, or have any other comments regarding these pages, please send an email to the Course Coordinator Aaron Chen.


Official announcements are made via email to the class mailing list, Forum, and Mattermost. You can watch this video (https://youtu.be/KDbvCusBVZU) to learn the basics about how to use Mattermost.