Systems Programming - Assignments

Click on the assigment (entry in first column) to view the assignment details. The assignment details will become available on the indicated Out By Date.

Assignment Out By Submit By Submission Link
Assignment 1 1 Mar 2021 21 Mar 2021 23:59
Assignment 2 22 Mar 2021 19 Apr 2021 23:59
Assignment 3
Testing Video
19 Apr 2021 9 May 2021 23:59
Assignment 4 10 May 2021 30 May 2021 23:59

Penalties for Assignments

Any assignment submitted up to 24 hours after the deadline will be penalised by 20%, and any assignment submitted between 24 and 48 hours after the deadline will be penalised by 40%. Any assignment submitted 48 hours or more after the deadline will not be marked and will get 0 marks.

Each student will have three "late days" which you may choose to use for any assignment or assignments during the course. There will be no penalty applied for these late days. You do not need to apply for these, instead any late days you have left will be automatically applied to assignments that you submit late.