SWEN 225 (2022) - Home Page

Welcome to SWEN225!

This course is dedicated to the design of object-oriented software. We will be using the Java Programming Language and the Unified Modeling Language. We will consider a range of techniques for designing and developing large-scale systems, including design patterns and design-by contract.

During the course, you will be able to flex your design skills by working on a range of Assignments including lab exercises, assignment, and a final group project. See the Course Outline for any administrative details. Official announcements will be made via Blackboard and online discussion will be on Discord. The TimeTable outlines when the labs, helpdesks, and office hours will take place.

All Lectures will take place in the Lecture Theatre and online via Zoom: https://vuw.zoom.us/my/swen225 (passcode: "swen225") and Video recordings post lecture will be made available.

Day Time Room
Monday 15:10 - 16:00 MT228, Student Union, Kelburn
Wednesday 15:10 - 16:00 MT228, Student Union, Kelburn
Friday 15:10 - 16:00 MT228, Student Union, Kelburn

If you find errors, note omissions, or have any other comments regarding these pages, please send an email to the Course Coordinator Marco Servetto and Lecturer Craig Anslow.