SWEN 301 (2020) - Structured Methods

This course introduces the processes, practices, and tools required to engineer medium to large software systems. Topics include software craft, architecture, design, implementation, testing, maintenance, quality assurance, configuration management, and open source development. Practical work will use integrated development environments, automation, and domain-specific languages.

Changed Assessment and Content

Note that this may be inconsistent with the information in the assessment system until the universities course database has been updated


* there will be no exam * assignment 1 will still be marked out of 30, but will be scaled up to be worth 40%. * there is a small online test on part 1 of the course and assignment 1 the week after submission of assignment 1 * assignment 2 will be split into three stages, with submissions spread out over weeks 10 - 12, this should help to manage the workload, it will be managed via gitlab, the submissions will be tagged versions

assessment due date COs assessed weight est. workload
assignment 1 20/5/2020 1,2 40% 9-12 hours
test 25/5/2020 1,2 15% 1 hour (plus preparation / revision)
assignment 2 - part 1 10/6/2020 1,2 15% 3-4 hours
assignment 2 - part 2 17/6/2020 1,2 15% 3-4 hours
assignment 2 - part 3 24/6/2020 1,2 15% 3-4 hours


Following ECS guidelines, some content has been reduced from the course in order to reduce the overall workload:

Web Application Design and Service-Oriented Architecture

* the material on JSP will be removed * the material on the history of web protocols will be removed

Automated Program Analysis

* some the material on testing will be removed -- coverage is already covered in SWEN221, some of the material is duplicated, the material on fuzzing, mutation testing and quickcheck will still be covered

I plan to keep the respective material in the lecture notes, but will clearly mark the slides to indicate that this material is optional.

Please check https://www.wgtn.ac.nz/student-health/resources/coronavirus for relevant information. Course-specific arrangements for students who cannot be on campus in time:
  • All lectures will be recorded.
  • All lecture notes are available in electronic form, but as they are hosted on Google Docs, there could be problems accessing them in China. I will produce PDF versions of the documents and attach them to the wiki before the respective lectures start (as I might still do some minor modifications).
  • We can organise online help sessions for students in China using chat rooms with shared screens. Please contact Jens if you want to do this. The platform we will use for this is zoom that should work in China. Otherwise please use the forum and email to get help.
  • We do appreciate suggestions and feedback by students affected by this.


10/2/2020: Welcome to the SWEN301 Forum

Welcome to the SWEN301 forum. I will heavily use the forum to communicate course-related information and expect all students to follow it. I also encourage everybody to use the forum to seek clarification and help, for instance, when working on assignments. Using the forum for technical discussions amongst students is encouraged. I will do my best to answer questions within 24 hours, usually much faster than this. - Jens


see assignments for details