SWEN 301 (2021) - Structured Methods

This course introduces the processes, practices, and tools required to engineer medium to large software systems. Topics include software craft, architecture, design, implementation, testing, maintenance, quality assurance, configuration management, and open source development. Practical work will use integrated development environments, automation, and domain-specific languages.

Please check https://www.wgtn.ac.nz/student-health/resources/coronavirus for relevant information. Course-specific arrangements for students who cannot be on campus in time:
  • All lectures will be recorded.
  • All lecture notes are available in electronic form, but as they are hosted on Google Docs, there could be problems accessing them in China. If this affects you, please contact the lecturer to provide PDF versions.


19/5/2021: Re: Announcements

Update on today's (Wednesday, 19 May) helpdesk: Josh Richards will be in the lab, and I will be on zoom. -Jens

19/5/2021: Re: Announcements

Unfortunately, I have to cancel today's (Wednesday 19 Wednesday) lecture and in-person office hours and help desk (the tutors have graduation today, I had planned to run the help desk myself). I woke up with cold symptoms, and don't want to come in for this reason. I will still offer support for both office hours and help desk via zoom, although there is a chance that my voice will completely disappear during the day. You can always email me about your assignment 2, and use email or the forum (preferred) to get support with assignment 3.

We have only one lecture (actually less) left, and I suggest doing this on Monday 25 May. I will also talk about the upcoming test in this lecture.


18/5/2021: Re: Announcements

I have just released assignment 2 marks. Overall, results were very good, with a median of 20.5 and a mean of 19.7 (out of 25).  The only systematic problem was the instantiation of the mbean (1 mark overall, acceptance tests 6.2-6.5), in many submissions the mbean was not registered when an instance of MemAppender was created (i.e. triggered by the constructor), but in the caller where the MemAppender was created (like in a test fixture,  or in the logrunner).  For this reason I re-adjusted the marking scheme, and half of the marks for the mbean was allocated in 6.1 via a static check of the mbean class.

Like last time, I am sharing the acceptance tests we used: https://ecs.wgtn.ac.nz/foswiki/pub/Courses/SWEN301_2021T1/WebHome/assignment2-acceptancetests.zip

If you want to discuss your marks, please run those tests first by copying them into scr/test/java and also read the details in the excel file containing feedback, then see me during office hours (i.e. tomorrow 11AM-1PM !), or by appointment. There were a few submissions where most acceptance tests failed due to a requirement to have a public constructor MemAppender() (this is there by default in new classes, but is removed once you start adding constructors with parameters). This was not penalised, but we manually added those constructors to the respective projects and re-run the marking scripts.

Kind regards, Jens


see assignments for details


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