SWEN 301 (2021) - Structured Methods

This course introduces the processes, practices, and tools required to engineer medium to large software systems. Topics include software craft, architecture, design, implementation, testing, maintenance, quality assurance, configuration management, and open source development. Practical work will use integrated development environments, automation, and domain-specific languages.

Please check https://www.wgtn.ac.nz/student-health/resources/coronavirus for relevant information. Course-specific arrangements for students who cannot be on campus in time:
  • All lectures will be recorded.
  • All lecture notes are available in electronic form, but as they are hosted on Google Docs, there could be problems accessing them in China. If this affects you, please contact the lecturer to provide PDF versions.


15/6/2021: Re: Announcements

Hi all,

I will release assignment 3 marks later today and tomorrow. I have marked the majority of assignments, but there will be a few late ones I will only release tomorrow. Since I have to finalise grades for this course, any inquiries about the grades need to be made on Thursday. I.,e., check your marks immediately after receiving them. For this purpose, I will run extra office hours on zoom for inquiries (https://vuw.zoom.us/my/swen301) on Thursday 10-11 AM and then again 2-4 PM. Instead of emailing me, please come to the office hours.

Results overall were very good (with >90% marked), with a mean of 25.6 and a median of 26 out of 30. I.e., half of the class got more than 86% (which means, A or A+ grades). Some common issues were: Persistency.DB did not exist or wasn't accessible (private), and incorrect posts ended up in the database. There were still some submissions with basic problems in the project structure (missing packages names, tests in src/main/java, etc) -- I fixed obvious structural problems before marking but applied a penalty for this. There are notes in the feedback if this was the case.

Also, when I checked whether the client jar was built, I disabled both jacoco and test execution with the respective mvn flags, so you could have scored points here even if some of your tests failed.

As before, I will make the acceptance tests used available on the wiki (https://ecs.wgtn.ac.nz/foswiki/pub/Courses/SWEN301_2021T1/WebHome/assignment3-acceptancetests.zip). Before making inquiries, please inspect / run / debug / understand those tests on your project, and go through the details included in the feedback.

Finally, if you have any additional feedback on the course please let me know ! I am keen to know what worked, what didn't etc

Kind regards Jens

9/6/2021: Re: Announcements


As I pointed out earlier, I do recommend sitting the test on a University computer as this will guarantee that you have a stable network connection, and support available if something fails. For this purpose, I have booked CO219  and CO238 for tomorrow between 2 and 5 PM.

Kind regards, Jens

8/6/2021: Re: Announcements

Please remember that there is a blackboard test on 10 June (Thursday) 2:30 - 4:30 PM, this is worth 20% of the course mark. You can do it from home on your own device, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a working computer and a working network connection. I strongly suggest having a contingency plan in place: charge your laptop to 100% before the test, have a backup mobile network connection ready to go etc. Technical issues related to your setup cannot be considered as a reason to repeat the test or qualify for an aegrotat. If you believe that you might have problems, please do the test from a university computer.

As for preparation and what to expect -- I talked about this extensively in one of the last lectures, so please watch the lectures first. There are 20 questions, and the order of questions will be randomised, and once you have done a question, you cannot go back and change your answer. For multiple answer question, there is a penalty for wrong answers, so ticking all answers is not a good strategy.  I will be in my office and available via email during the test. Please note that we have mechanisms in place to detect plagiarism, and attempts to communicate with each other during the test will result in zero marks.

I am also working on finishing assignment 3 marks, I am aiming to have this ready by the end of the week and run extra office hours early next week to answer questions about the  marks, I will provide an update on Thursday.

Good luck with the test and all the best, Jens


see assignments for details


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