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This Course focuses on understanding the process of designing interfaces and experiences for users. The objective of the course is to encourage software engineers and other developers to think about the users of the systems they create rather than just the functionality.


17/3/2020: Moving online

We will move all content for SWEN303 online until at least after Easter. The lecture on 18/03 will both be online and in person, and then we will do all the rest online.

17/3/2020: Rubric for Assignment 1

The form to suggest your weighting is https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeTXcxn_ei7BmgY76QWgfhmGu8SnKD5EdkxJ7Ptv4fgR-kTlQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

The rubric is

15/3/2020: Remote Lecture

Hi All,

  The lecture on the 16/03 will be presented remotely. This is partly a trial run for what may happen if we shut down the University sometime in the not too distant future.[ch65279][ch65279][ch65279][ch65279][ch65279][ch65279]

The lecture starts at 11:00 and will be streamed:

We will use GoSoapBox as a lecture feedback tool as well as Discord.

See you in the morning!


User Interfaces are part of the wider area of User Experience. The course takes seriously the concept that errors made by users can usually be traced back to poor design.

The course is entirely internally assessed, based on three assessments. The first assignment is designed to focus on the users and their requirements for a system. The second assignment is the first iteration of designing an interface to satisfy the requirements identified in assignment 1. The larger project is a group project where the proposed interfaces are evaluated and joined to create a single prototype that is tested and revised.

Students will be able to ask questions in the SWEN303 Forum. Documentation will be submitted using the submission system.