Assignment 1 Rubric

SWEN303 Ass 1 Rubric   Grade            
Area Description 10 9 8-7 6 5 4-1 0
System Description This it the introduction which includes the description of the system, the business objectives and stakeholders. This also has the model overview mapping out the system. Exceptional description and communication of the project. Exceptionally clear and well written and presented An excellent description which covers all the relevant details, the maps/description of the system is clear. Stakeholders concerns are clearly identified and well presented. Justification for a business case is very well described. Good description. Good mapping of cases/ description of the system. The description covers the system reasonably well. The business case is simple but present Minimal description. Overview covers minimal personas and tasks. limited description without overview or clear stakeholder information No clear description of the system
Personas These are the personas that have been generated for the project. They need to reflect the relevant users of the system Exceptional justification and demonstration of research into persona development Very good personas with clear reasons for the characteristics and good coverage very good personas, with good coverage Personas are generic and not clearly justified Minimal persona description and coverage with some justification minimal personas without clear description or reason No personas or merely copied from another source
Tasks These are the tasks that were selected to be expanded. They cover the core area of functionality Exceptionally well-presented tasks, with both clear overview and detail Very good task descriptions. The ranking is justified. Presented at the right level most tasks very good, some lacking in definition, ranking or coverage most important tasks present but some missing and others in the wrong order Minimal coverage of tasks. not enough tasks poorly presented and severely lacking. No, or irrelevant tasks
Reflection This is where the student reflects on what they have learnt from the persona generation task, the task creation, and thinking about the system as a whole. Exceptionally deep analysis of learning and understanding of the role of Design thinking Very clear understanding of the learning objectives and reflection on what has been learnt Student reflects on learning but is missing some analysis or understanding of the role of the parts of the assignment some analysis of learning and understanding, Some bits good, other parts lacking minimal content, mostly just saying what was done with no thought about what was learnt No real reflection. Comments on student work without context The student does not show any learning