User Experience Engineering - Resources

SWEN 303: 2021 Trimester 1

This page describes the resources available to projects within the School and the University, and how to access them.

UI Design Tools

Inksape lightweight cross-platfom SVG drawing editor

balsamiq Mockups
balsamiq Mockups 4 licensed wireframe / sketching tool

Adobe XD freely available adobe tool

Adobe Capture freely available adobe tool on mobile

storyboarder Free to use. Good for planning videos

plantuml Online version of the wiki plugin

OBS screen and camera capture tool

ECS Technical Documentation

Human Ethics Applications

The university has a Human Ethics Committee that governs research and teaching with people as participants. If you plan to do any structured work involving people you need to comply with the policies and guideline.

ECS has approval for Usability Testing across a range of 300- and 400-level courses from 2021 to 2024 inclusive. Any usability testing under this approval must meet all the conditions in the application, and used the approved information sheet. If you wish to do more extensive testing, conduct surveys, interact with children, recruit external participants, implant electrodes, or publish your results outside the project, you will need to make your own application to the committee.

Discord Chat

We have a Discord server set up for chatting with the lecturer and tutors about the course the link is

Animal Avatars

We will be using a role-based approach to group formation and management. The system has been designed by Simon McCallum so you are unlikely to find resources in this system online. The system is based on McClelland's 3 needs theory and Self Determination Theory.