Project Title: Covid Contact Tracing and Vaccine Delivery


Contact Tracing. We all have the covid trace app on our phones. This project is to explore different/better designs for the contact tracing system. The main goals are to provide better ways to motivate citizens to keep a digital record of their locations. There will be a discussion of the technology involved and the use of Bluetooth or other phone hardware. Gamification and alternative hardware is also possible as part of the idea generation for this project.

Vaccine Delivery. The vaccination programme for Covid 19 is well underway. This project is to analyze the user journey from the initial desire to get vaccinated to having completed the 2 dose and booster inoculation. The technology prototyped in this project will include a website/app with locations of vaccinations and booking systems, reminder systems, and quick identification processes. The full user journey can be evaluated including physical location and handouts, but the primary focus should be on the technology used in the system.


The main users of this system are the general public. We will use university students to test ideas, but personas can also come from any group within NZ.