SWEN 324 (2020) - Software Correctness



12/8/2020: Re: SWEN324 at level 2 - no in person lecture Wed

Hi all

by now you've all heard the news that we're back to level 2 from midday tomorrow wed 11 august.

I'm sure the university will be in touch tomorrow morning about what that means for us,
but I can confirm now  that our lecture at 1pm tomorrow will not be going ahead in person
rather we will be live streaming on zoom (link in the course sidebar, or swen342 / swen324)

and of course the lecture will then be available on Panopto
(and we'll make sure the audio works properly this time!)

None of us were expecting this; most of us were hoping that this wouldn't happen ---
but it's not that big of a surprise either, and we know we will get through it again.

if there's things I (or anyone else) at the university can do to help, though, do let us know