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30/8/2021: Re: Announcements

Dear class,

Hope you are staying safe and health.

We will have our test, starting at 1pm on 30 August. I will put up questions at 1pm on the course website: Please check on time.

I believe you have been informed by the university that we cannot have in-person lectures at Level 4 and 3. Therefore our presentation will be via zoom. The schedule can be found at:

If you will present, please join the zoom (3043040304 ) on time, set up to share your slides and submit your slides at the day of your presentation.

If you are chairing a session (shown on the schedule), please join the zoom on time, introduce the presenters, time the presentation and remind them when it is 5, 3 and 1 minutes to the limit of the presentation (30 minutes for 2 people, 40 for three people). Coordinate discussions and ask questions to facilitate discussions.  

All the others please attend the presentations to support your peers, ask question nicely, and actively participate the discussions.

All the people except the presenters will write a Peer Review of the presentation. Details of Peer review can be found at:  

Best wishes,

6/7/2021: Re: Announcements

Dear class,

The class rep for SWEN433 is Nalin Aswani. His email address is:

In the meantime, Nalin has created a Facebook page for the class:


25/6/2021: Announcements

Dear all,

Welcome to SWEN433. Our first lecture will be on Monday 13:10 - 14:00 – 205, at Te Toki a Rata, Kelburn.


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