Paper Reports

You are asked to write short paper reports for all mandatory readings to receive 10 marks. Paper reports consist of satisfactory 4+ sentence summaries for mandatory readings scheduled for a particular lecture. It should be submitted before the lecture of the corresponding reading via the submission system Submission. If there are 3 mandatory readings for a lecture - 3 summaries are required.

The summary should address the following points:
  1. What is the main idea of the paper?
  2. What did you like about the idea?
  3. What did you not like about the idea?
  4. How did reading this paper influence you?
To pass this course you must submit paper reports for at least 80% (10 readings) of the mandatory readings (for week 1 - 6) on time and in satisfactory quality.

Note: Each paper report should show your name, student ID, week number (e.g. Week 2), and the paper title for each of the papers in the report. Please name your report with a report number corresponding the paper as shown in the course schedule. For example your first report will be named as "Report 1".