Group Discussion and Peer Review

You are asked to write short reviews for all presentations, using a template: Peer review report.docx

As in the template, in each of the review, your will give:
  • A score for each of the presenters of the presentation.
  • Further, you will write 4 sentences (one sentence for each of the following questions) to provide your feedback on the presentation. It should be submitted after each presentation on the same day of the presentation via the submission system Discussion_and_Paper_Review
    1. What is the main idea of the presentation?
    2. What do you like about the presentation?
    3. What aspects of the presentation can be improved?
    4. How is the presentation influence you?
Note: Each peer review should show your name, student ID, week number (e.g. Week 7), and the review title for each of the presentation. Please name your review with a review number corresponding the presentation as shown in the course schedule. For example your first review will be named as "Review 1".