SWEN 502 (2021) - Software Development Studio I

COVID-19 Levels

NB! Please check the current NZ COVID-19 Alert Level here: https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/current-alert-level/.

Under levels 3 and 4:

- all teaching/learning activities are done online using Teams and/or Zoom.

Under level 2:

- Teaching will be online. Materials will be shared with you either at the beginning of the day or presented throughout the day with some usual breaks for exercises or mental health (i.e. coffee, tea, etc.).

- You are allowed to come to NEC especially those finding home study not perfect for them for any reason (i.e. flatmate noise, poor internet, etc.). You do not expect a teaching staff there though! Face coverings are strongly recommended. We also strongly recommend physical distancing of 1m.

- Scan the QR code for contact tracing for both the NEC building and for our space on Level 3.

- Please use hand sanitisers regularly. You will find them in the kitchen and the lecture space.

It is your responsibility to enforce those rules, please.

Under level 1, teaching/learning will be back to NEC building.