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Martin Emo NZ-based Martin Emo is an education researcher, music technology trainer, multi-instrumentalist, teacher and PHD candidate. His journey of education has seen him teach in High Schools around NZ, train teachers in Nicaragua, design professional development for teachers, to being a guest

educator at Ableton’s Loop conference in Los Angeles. Martin is a classically trained musician who began his Music technology journey by accidentily taking an acoustics paper as an undergraduate.

The recipient of a Victoria University Chancellor's Doctoral scholarship, Martin is currently working on his PHD investigating effective professional development and engagement for high school Music teachers in Digital Technologies. He is a member of the board of Music Education New Zealand Aotearoa and holds a number of mentor and facilitator positions including with the NZ Ministry of Education, NZ Qualifications Authority, EDnet Australasia, Midnight Music Worldwide and through his own website. Martin has also provided education consultancy to Melodics and Serato, and is currently contracted to Ableton.

Martin fuses his classical musicology degree and teaching background with being a Vinyl DJ, Digital Musician and striving to support students, and their teachers, to be musically creative in schools.
Keynote: Music-making technologies: Composing as a Digital Musician

The lines between composing and performing are now blurred when digital musicians take to the stage with laptops, software and midi controllers. But what are they actually doing? What do they need to know musically and technically? What music technologies do they use? What could they use? After a demonstration of what happens on stage and in the studio, Martin will conclude with how New Zealand is leading the world in digital technologies for musicians.

Workshop: Synths, beats and basslines.

For a digital musician, their instrument is a laptop, software and a hardware midi controller.

This is a challenge to traditional music education in schools. The digital technologies that music teachers need to be use in music education today can seem to sit more comfortably with electronics and computer science teachers. Cross-curricular projects within a STEAM framework provide real-world connection with what students are already doing outside of the classroom.

This workshop has two parts.

Part 1 is an introduction to a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), including midi controllers. (Ableton Live, Push)

Part 2 is a hands-on opportunity to create and perform original music as digital musicians.

This workshop will also include opportunities for you to access tools and software platforms to support you or your students with music-making technologies.

No prior music skills are needed to participate fully in this workshop.

Curriculum Links covered in this workshop: Designing and developing digital outcomes Progress Outcome 4

Assessment: DT AS 91878 (1.2): Develop a design for a digital outcome

DT AS 91880 (1.4): Develop a digital media outcome
Dan Milward Dan is the founder and CEO of Gamelab, and his goal in life is to make game creation accessible to everyone, including learners and teachers with no prior knowledge of coding and game design. He has run game creation and design workshops for kids and adults and recently partnered with Public Libraries of New Zealand to bring game coding workshops to communities in seven New Zealand regions. A fun workshop that helps breaks down the barriers that stand between teachers and teaching students how to code. This workshop shows that programming can be fun and taught by people without previous experience. The coding concepts Dan will teach come from the Computational Thinking (CT) learning area in the NZ Digital Technologies curriculum. By the end of the workshop teachers will feel more confident in their ability to teach code in their classroom as part of their Digital Technologies curriculum.
Troy Smith Troy Smith is a lifelong learner and educator in the field of electronics and digital technology. From a young age he had an interest in electronics, winning the New Zealand youth skills industrial electronics competition in 1999. Troy went on to gain a NZCE in electronics and then a B.Sc in Electronics. After 10 years in the field Troy completed a career changers scholarship and he ow has 10 years teaching experience, 5 years as HOD and 2 years as an MOE PLD Facilitator. Troy is the owner of Learning Developments, the official micro:bit reseller in New Zealand and it is with his years of experience that he showcases the learning power in this device.

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