VASE 2009


The structure of the workshop will be around paper presentations and group discussions.

Time Activity
0830-0900 Registration
0900-0930 Session 1. Welcome and Introductions
0930-1030 Key Note - Jim Thomas: Visual Analytics for Software Engineering: a Rich Opportunity to Turn Complexity into Understanding
1030-1100 Morning Break
1100-1230 Session 2. Presentation of Workshop papers
  Maximilian Koegel, Yang Li, Helmut Naughton, Jonas Helming and Bernd Bruegge. Towards a Framework for Empirical Project Analysis for Software Engineering Models
  Karen Li, John Grundy, John Hosking and Lei Li. Visualising Event-based Information Models: Issues and Experiences
  Concepcion Presedo, Amaia Aguirregoitia and J. Javier Dolado. Using the Magnet Metaphor for Multivariate Visualization in Software Management
1230-1400 Lunch Break
1400-1530 Session 3. SPPI Presentations and Discussion
  Ewan Tempero. Visualising Inheritance
  Craig Anslow, Stuart Marshall, and James Noble. Multi-touch Table User Interfaces for Visual Software Analytics
  Jens Dietrich and Jevon Wright. Two Experiments: Barriers to Modularity and Verifying Eclipse
  Neville Churcher and Warwick Irwin. University of Canterbury Update
1530-1600 Afternoon Break
1600-1730 Session 4. SPPI Presentations and Discussion Cont'd
  Mark Utting. A Visual Designer for Model-Based Story-Tests
  Karen Li, John Grundy, and John Hosking. Marama DSL
  Jun Huh, John Grundy, and John Hosking. Marama meta-tool
  Chrisitan Hirsch, John Grundy, and John Hosking. The Visual Wiki: a new metaphor for knowledge access and management
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