What is FoD?

"Festive", because if there isn't the occasional loud bang then why bother, and "doubt", because that's a fundamental notion driving interesting science: anything could be wrong, it's all up for grabs, all the time.

One notes:
  1. One doesn't have to be an expert to make a contribution.
  2. Answering questions doesn't have to be the goal - in fact why have a goal at all? Consider saving your goals for the other 24*7-1 hours in the week.

So basically this is a chance to call "yeah-nah" on the obsessive solutioneering for a few moments in order to gaze upon a Great Unknown with an open mind.

Important ancillary commentary

Competition for the festival's acronym comes in the form of Foreign Object Damage, whose definition isn't so far from the mark

Those departing FoD should consider joining the sister organisation The Consequences of Inertia.