Intelligent Systems, Machine Learning, and AI

The "AI group" is a loose affiliation of staff who are spread across the ECS faculty as well as Maths.

Machine Learning discussion series

The Festival of Doubt is our informal discussion series.

AI Courses at Victoria

  • COMP 307: Introduction to AI
  • COMP 309: Machine Learning Tools and Techniques
  • AIML 420: Artificial Intelligence (closely related to COMP307)
  • AIML 421: Machine Learning Tools and Techniques (closely related to COMP309)
  • AIML 425: Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • AIML 426: Evolutionary Computation and Learning
  • AIML 427: Big Data
  • AIML 428: Text Mining and Natural Language Processing
  • AIML 429: Probabilistic Machine Learning
  • AIML 430: Applications and Implications of Artificial Intelligence
  • AIML 487: Research Project

Staff with AI research interests

The group includes a very substantial strength in Evolutionary Computing and Machine Learning - see ECRG:

as well as staff with a variety of interests in AI and Deep Learning::

See also - Completed graduate theses