Intelligent Systems, Machine Learning, and AI

The "AI group" is a loose affiliation of staff who are spread across the ECS faculty as well as Maths.

The current (hopefully) research interests of the core AI staff are here: ResearchInterests.

Machine Learning discussion series

The Festival of Doubt is our informal discussion series.

AI Courses at Victoria

  • COMP 307: Introduction to AI
  • COMP 309: Machine Learning Tools and Techniques
  • AIML 420: Artificial Intelligence (closely related to COMP307)
  • AIML 421: Machine Learning Tools and Techniques (closely related to COMP309)
  • AIML 425: Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • AIML 426: Evolutionary Computation and Learning
  • AIML 427: Big Data
  • AIML 428: Text Mining and Natural Language Processing
  • AIML 429: Probabilistic Machine Learning
  • AIML 430: Applications and Implications of Artificial Intelligence
  • AIML 487: Research Project

Staff with AI research interests

The group includes a very substantial strength in Evolutionary Computing and Machine Learning - see ECRG:

as well as staff with a variety of interests in AI and Deep Learning::

See also - Completed graduate theses