Alexander Kane wrote

"I am currently doing an ME through Victoria. A significant motivator for this was the importance of having a Masters in particular overseas job markets. However, I am not doing a normal sort academic project, but rather am working with a company on developing a proof of concept of an idea they have had. This is an ideal situation for me, as while I am completing my qualification I am also gaining real world experience at the same time. While it can be difficult to balance the pressures of writing an academic thesis, with the commercial realities of product development, I find it provides further motivation to succeed. Working with a company is providing with a number of experiences that wouldn't usually be gained in studies, such as working with a team of professionals with a wide scope of expertise, dealing with commercial sensitivities (both financial and IP), and being involved in discussions with real potential clients. I'm also very lucky in that as I'm effectively doing this development for free, and the project is not critical to the company's growth plans (it's more of a "would be good to do" than a "must have"), I have lot more free reign than would usually be afforded to an entry level engineer. I have brought new specialist skills to the company from my studies, while the interdisciplinary nature of my ECEN major allows to work effectively with other engineers.