Alumni Stories

Anna Friedlander

Anna Friedlander came to Victoria intending to major in biology, and enrolled in first year computer science because she thought programming skills might be useful in the sciences. She soon found that she loved the problem solving of computer science and switched majors. “There’s nothing quite like the sense of achievement you get when cracking a... More »

Dayna Kivell

Think it, plan it, build it is Victoria Engineering’s motto and one Dayna believes in. Dayna completed her Masters of Engineering in 2013, and is now working in London for Q bot Ltd as a mechatronic design engineer. The company uses robotic techniques to insulate suspended timber floors with minimal disruption. Dayna’s role involves software devel... More »

Tristram Lupo-Samoa

After completing his Bachelor of Engineering, Tristram immediately secured a job at Damwatch Services Ltd, a consultancy firm specializing in dam engineering. “Right now I’m on a graduate programme working as a technical data analyst in the surveillance team. We monitor our clients’ data from dams and wind farms, both nationwide and internationally... More »

Abigail Arulandu

As a child, Abigail Arulandu liked pulling things apart and putting them back together but she’d never considered being an engineer until she saw search and rescue robots in action at Study at Vic Day. “At secondary school I thought I wanted to study criminology but going to the Vic open day and seeing some of the amazing stuff being designed by en... More »

Janella Espinas

Janella loves studying Engineering, where she can be involved in the entire evolution of a product. “For as long as I remember, I have loved solving problems, loved seeing things grow from an idea to reality. There is nothing like thinking ‘it would be cool if I could do this’, and actually making it happen. After years of back and forth ing in co... More »

Luke Frogley

From a young age Luke Frogley has been fascinated by how things work. Much to his parents' dismay, he would pull things apart to see how they worked: "Everything we had electronic I pulled apart, stereos, radios, clocks, you name it. And in the early years I could never put them back together. My parents hated it!" Hailing from the Hawkes Bay, Lu... More »

Thomas Lambrecht

Thomas Lambrecht wrote "I am currently working at the Ministry of Justice for the Courts and Tribunals ICT team. My title is "Associate Developer" and I am responsible for creating Oracle database applications. Tasks include generating data reports for the business: attending workshops: writing functional, non functional, data and reports requireme... More »

Brendan Vercoelen

Brendan Vercoelen wrote "I'm working for Fisher Paykel Healthcare as a Product Development Engineer. I'm doing electronic hardware development on one of our products, specifically doing a lot of circuit design, PCB design and testing. I work in a team with some really smart people, so I continue to learn a lot while working. It's also really inte... More »

Arya Reais-Parsi

Arya Reais Parsi wrote "I didn't know what to do with myself after graduating. I had a lot of plans about doing postgraduate study overseas (particularly in the US), but they fell through for various reasons. I was scheduled to start a three month internship at the Google Sydney office after my summer research scholarship at ANU, so I went ahead an... More »

Alexander Kane

Alexander Kane wrote "I am currently doing an ME through Victoria. A significant motivator for this was the importance of having a Masters in particular overseas job markets. However, I am not doing a normal sort academic project, but rather am working with a company on developing a proof of concept of an idea they have had. This is an ideal situat... More »

Sam Queree

Sam Queree wrote "I'm working an embedded software engineer for Aviat Networks in Wellington City. Aviat Networks specialises in microwave radio technology for 4G/LTE networks, such as microwave point to point network links which carry IP and TDM traffic. In my role as an embedded software engineer, I gather requirements, design and implement softw... More »

Boris Shneider

Boris Shneider wrote " I have been working as an Embedded Software Engineer at Aviat Networks (Lower Hutt) since November last year. My job primarily involves developing software in C for our microwave radios, as well as maintaining the automated test suite (in Python) and writing documentation. The radios I've been working on are designed to be us... More »

Rashina Hoda

21654 LES6910.jpg
Having recently finished her PhD, Rashina has secured a fixed term position teaching computer science at Victoria University. "I really enjoy tutoring software engineering as the students are developing real software solutions for real life situations." Rashina is passionate about learning and teaching software engineering: "It was my brother who ... More »

Chris Male

Chris completed his degree in Software Engineering at Victoria in 2007, and went on to study for a Masters of Science (MSc) in Computer Science. During his final year undergraduate project, he worked ... More »

Kyle Chard

21658 LES7024.jpg
Kyle Chard recently completed his PhD and having started work at the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago is excited about his future prospects. Coming from a family of computer scientis... More »

Rilla Khaled

Rilla has recently secured a research position at Copenhagen University looking at the development of persuasive technology (PT) interactive technology designed to change people's attitudes or behav... More »

Huia Hopkirk

Huia combines her love of people with her interest in computer systems. While enrolled in the Bachelor of Science programme, she worked part time during the first two years and took some summer cours... More »