Janella Espinas


Janella loves studying Engineering, where she can be involved in the entire evolution of a product. “For as long as I remember, I have loved solving problems, loved seeing things grow from an idea to reality. There is nothing like thinking ‘it would be cool if I could do this’, and actually making it happen. After years of back- and forth-ing in college, I decided that Engineering was the best programme to provide that sense of building something that you thought of yourself.

“Software engineering was an easy choice, despite the fact that my college had very little focus on computers and IT. I also admit it was a little bit of a ‘take that’ to the traditionally male industry of computer science and engineering. I love creating and fixing things and I love computers, and I see no reason why it should stay the male-dominated profession it is today.”

Despite having never done programming courses before University, Janella found that she was well supported. “I found the introductory courses for computer science and engineering were excellent in easing people into what is a very different way of thinking than most other courses offered.”