Luke Frogley


From a young age Luke Frogley has been fascinated by how things work. Much to his parents' dismay, he would pull things apart to see how they worked:

"Everything we had electronic I pulled apart, stereos, radios, clocks, you name it. And in the early years I could never put them back together. My parents hated it!"

Hailing from the Hawkes Bay, Luke completed his Bachelor of Engineering specialising in electronic and computer systems engineering (ECEN) in 2011.

"The engineering lecturers at Victoria are very approachable, friendly and helpful. There is nothing more refreshing than a lecturer who is passionate about what they do."

While Luke is thinking about completing a Masters, his ideal job would be one in which he could invent devices that can be used everyday. This summer, Luke was awarded a Summer Research Scholarship and worked designing and creating a circuit board that will be used in secondary schools to teach students about electronics and embedded systems. Luke's advice to secondary students is to think about what you want to do as a job and keep focused on your goal.

“I knew that I liked playing with electronics and wanted to make it my profession. However, there is no substitute for hard work and in this degree you need to study. Keep focused on your goals and recognise that you need to do the fundamentals in the first years like Math, physics and writing code.”