Rashina Hoda

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Having recently finished her PhD, Rashina has secured a fixed term position teaching computer science at Victoria University. "I really enjoy tutoring software engineering as the students are developing real software solutions for real-life situations."

Rashina is passionate about learning and teaching software engineering: "It was my brother who saw I had good analytical skills and pushed me into computer science. I got thrown into the deep end during my secondary school years and loved it."

Finding practical answers for real-life challenges is important to Rashina: "My research explored the emergence of self organising teams in Agile software development projects. Unlike traditional methods, Agile methods are people-oriented and encourage close collaboration and interaction between development teams, management and customers in an effort to deliver quality software while responding to changing requirements and technologies."

Her industry-based research has taken Rashina around the world and has exposed her to different organisational cultures and software development practices. Rashina also enjoys presenting her research findings at premier national and international software engineering conferences. With the completion of her PhD, Rashina hopes to pursue an academic career, teaching and researching in software engineering.