Jason McEwen

Dr. Jason McEwen

University College London

Office: Co322, Kelburn Campus - Postal Address
Research Interests: signal processing, astrophysics




I am a postdoc at University College London. Until recently I was at the LTS2 signal processing laboratory of the Electrical Engineering Institute at EPFL, and also a member of the BASP research node. Before that I was a Research Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, affiliated with the Astrophysics Group of the Physics Department (the Cavendish) at the University of Cambridge.

My research is concerned with harmonic analysis on the sphere, including wavelets and optimal filtering, and compressed sensing. I am particularly interested in applications of these theories in astrophysics, such as radio interferometry and the cosmic microwave background (CMB). Please see my research or publications pages for more information.

More information, including publications, can be found at my academic webpage