Jorge Martinez

Jorge Martinez

Delft University of Technology

Office: Co322, Kelburn Campus - Postal Address
Research Interests: Spatial Audio Processing




Since 2008, Jorge Martinez has been working as a PhD student at the Signal & Information Processing Lab (SIP Lab) at Delft University of Technology. Here, he conducts research on the field of multidimensional Fourier processing of room transfer functions in massive MIMO systems and adaptive algorithms for multichannel acoustic echo cancellation. He will defend his PhD thesis with title "Low-complexity computer simulation of multichannel room impulse responses" in the middle of 2012.

Also from 2012, he has an appointment as a Postdoc at the SIP Lab in Delft. He will work in a Google sponsored project on adaptive massive multichannel acoustic echo cancellation for next-generation telepresence systems.

Jorge Martinez was born in 1981 in Mexico City, Mexico. In 2003 he received the Bachelor degree (with honours) in Information Technology and Telecommunications Engineering from Anahuac University, Mexico. In 2006 he moved to Spain to follow a master program at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In 2007 Jorge Martinez was granted the M.Sc. degree in Advanced Informatics, after presenting the thesis with title ``Hyperspectral data coding with JPEG 2000 implementing 3D wavelet transforms'', for which he received a note with honours.

At Victoria Martinez will work with Prof Bastiaan Kleijn.