Communications and Signal Processing (CaSP) Group

The CaSP group focuses on the development and application of advanced signal processing techniques. Application areas include physical layer wireless communications, video, audio and acoustics, control systems and biomedical devices. Specific research topics we work on include cognitive radio, multichannel systems, wireless channel modelling, audio coding, spatial audio, blind source separation, audio quality estimation, signal enhancement, target tracking, nonlinear system identification and image processing.


Academic Staff

Graduate Students

  • Mozhgan Mohammadpour, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, (2014/07-2016/06)
  • Yawei Yu, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) (2016/02-2017/02)



Research Scholarships / Studentships

Numerous research topics are available to new graduate students. These include areas such as signal processing for sensor networks, cognitive radio systems, learning theory, and audio and video processing. More information can be found at several places:

If you are interested to study at CaSP you should also look at application information for prospective students, which provides you with more general information.

Examples of Current Research Projects

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