Annika Visiting

Annika Hinze from Waikato University is visiting from 27-29 August 2008. She will give a seminar on Thursday, 11am and is also happy to talk to people (add your bookings here!)

  • Thursday
    • 1100-1200 Seminar
  • Friday
    • 1300-1400 Elvis meeting

We are also planning on having a dinner together on Thursday night. We'll meet 7:30pm at Aunty Mena's Vegeterian Cafe, 167 Cuba Street.

  • Attendance
    • AnnikaHinze
    • PetraMalik
    • CraigAnslow
    • StuartMarshall (can make it from 7pm onwards)
    • AlexPotanin (can only make it to dinner at 7:30pm, since have IEEE presentations and stuff beforehand)
    • RaduMuschevici