December 2008

19 December

Last official work day of the year, hopefully it is a good holiday as I really need one.

Elvis Xmas party at Hell, no work today smile

Received ethics approval email, now need to respond.

18 December


17 December

ACSW meeting.

NZCSRSC admin.

Attended JUG talk on the worlds fastest web services. Nominated myself to give a talk in February. I will need to book a room at the university.

16 December

NZCSRSC admin.

Ewan is coming to ACSW need to organise a time to meet.

ACSW menu team meeting.

15 December

Radu posted some nice pics of our trip to Nashville and Graceland.

NZCSRSC admin.

12 December

ACSW meeting. Picked up some CDs from SUN, hopefully we can use them for the conference bags.

11 December

ACSW admin, trying to get volunteers confirmed.

10 December

Jennifer F coming to Wellington and will give a talk.

ACSW and NZCSRSC admin.

9 December

Graduation, so no further work today since I now have my official MSc degree conferred, yay smile

Donald was also at graduation. Had dinner afterwards with supervisors, family and friends.

Submitted NZCSRSC paper.

8 December

Working on NZCSRSC paper, need to have finished before graduation tomorrow.

5 December

Working on NZCSRSC paper. Still creating some visualizations.

Attended Elvis meeting which was minimal turn out. Perhaps research assistants can give a talk next week since that is the last official meeting before we have the Elvis Xmas lunch.

ACSW meeting. Getting closer less than 6 weeks away.

Picked up graduation gown etc. for graduation next week.

4 December

Working on NZCSRSC paper and visualizations.

3 December

Have a rough draft of the paper. Still creating some visualizations.

Finished reading Alex Telea's paper about visual software analytics where he creates the metric lens and metric legend. I was hoping to see more information in the paper about visual software analytics but not to be.

2 December

Created my prototype tool LiveJ - Lightweight Interactive Visual Environment for Java which is where I can create visualizations using the Google Visualization API of software metrics from the corpus.

1 December

Working from home. Read a number of papers around visual analytics.

November 2008

28 November

Submitted Human Ethics forms for the software visualization survey, observation studies, interviews, and user testing. Hopefully this all gets accepted so I can start on the survey in the new year and get some preliminary results before my submission of my proposal.

21 November

Plan is to get the rest of the Ethics forms sorted and submitted before 1 December. Work on a paper for NZCSRSC.

Attended Elvis meeting.

20 November

Had a short meeting with Stuart.

Found out ACDC paper got accepted. Need to narrow the focus of the PhD? though.

ACSW menus meeting.

19 November

Put up some posters on the Elvis board from our OOPSLA trip.

Attended the JUG where Jens also talked.

Jens Dietrich visited and showed me his Bario tool, and design patterns finder tool. Both of which are interesting and which I may use for my project.

ACSW planning meeting.

Following up on emails.

18 November

NZCSRSC meeting to organise/encourage people to write papers.

Creating some visualizations using the Google Vis API.

Doing some expenses from OOPSLA.

17 November

Exchanging corpus ideas and visualizations with Ewan. Trying to create some nice visualizations.

Playing with prefuse again to dos some more advanced visualizations.

Getting SPPI account so I can edit the wiki.

15 November

Found that [ManyEyes has a wiki version].

14 November

Contacting Ewan about data from the corpus.

Updated CV and publications page.

Softvis posters are now in the ACM DL.

NZCSRSC admin.

Gave talk at Elvis meeting.

13 November

Moved offices into CO338.

NZCSRSC admin.

Back at uni after holiday.

12 November

No sponsorship from Spring Source for ACSW.

Travelling from US.

10 November

Drove from LA to Mountain View and then caught the train to SFO. What a painful process but I made it on time. The drive was not very interesting just very deserty and quite a few cars. Was not as busy as I was expecting it to be though.

9 November

Hanging out in Santa Monica which seems like a nice area, except quite expensive.

8 November

Saw the Getty Museum and had dinner at a real nice Sushi restaurant in Hollywood.

7 November

Saw Disneyland which was really nice and very enjoyable day.

6 November

Touring around Hollywood. Went to Universal Studios but it was closing within a couple of hours so didn't bother to go inside as there was not enough time to see everything.

Went to UCLA to visit Shane and Todd's group. Nice place and very big campus.

5 November

Hanging out in Venice Beach and the area. Went out for dinner in Culver City.

4 November

Travelled from Mountain View to LA down Highway 1 which was interesting and very much like NZ coastal roads except with more traffic and less scenery.

Submitted paper to ACDC 2009.

3 November

Working on ACDC paper.

2 November

Had dinner at UWink a restaurant that feels like you are sitting in economy class of an AirNZ? long haul flight, since there is interactive games to play.

Working on ACDC paper.

1 November

Hanging out in Palo Alto saw Stefan for his birthday and a couple of other people I know from Mountain View.

October 2008

31 October

Halloween in San Francisco which was fun. Never seen so many people dressed up for one occasion. I guess that is the US for you.

30 October

Went out for dinner in Palo Alto at one of my favourite places, The Cheesecake Factory.

Went to SAP Research for lunch to see a few old colleagues. It was good to know that they are in a new building.

29 October

Hanging out in

28 October

Picked up a rental car and headed to Santa Cruz to see Chris Lewis. Drank way too many beers at 99 Bottles. A great place. If you manage to drink the 99 Bottles of beer they have on the menu you get your name on the wall.

27 October

Finally made it to Mountain View, hanging out at Google and with my French buddies.

Flying from Denver to SFO.

26 October

Hanging out in Denver went and saw Red Rocks.

25 October

Travelling from Nashville to Denver. Denver airport is far away from the city. The city seems very nice.

24 October

Woke up got rental car and went to Memphis to see Graceland. Also made it to Arkansas for 10 minutes.

23 October

Had organising committee dinner in a real nice restaurant downtown in Nashville.

End of OOPSLA.

Radu's paper went really well.

22 October

The conference dinner in the Parthernon, "Athens of the South" was a nice venue I was supposed to be some Greek God with my name badge which was kind of funny and something different. Thanks to David Mann for organising that. Drank a couple too many but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Got the book "Clean Code" by Robert C Martin which seems to have some useful stuff in there with regard to my PhD?. So I will need to look into it in more detail.

21 October

Dave's paper went really well and there were lots of questions.

20 October

Gave my poster presentation and got lots of feedback. Main comments were this seems obvious I could have guessed that, but I wonder if I had of asked the same question to the audience and whether or not they would have come up with the same answer. The point of visual analytics is to detect the expected and discover the unexpected.

19 October

Day 1 OOPSLA and very busy making sure that SVs are here and doing what they are supposed to do. A few things went wrong but overall very smoothly.

18 October

Setting up stuff for OOPSLA. Dinner was kind of quiet.

Woke up very jetlagged.

17 October

Arrived in Nashville very jetlagged via Auckland, San Francisco, and Denver.

Flying to the US.

Got poster printed and packed everything else.

16 October

Relocating offices.

ACSW meeting.

Working on poster, now completed will have to print and laminate tomorrow.

Playing around with some visualizations on the University's new [OptIPortal]:

15 October

Working on poster.

Did some OOPSLA, VLHCC admin.

14 October

Quick meeting with Stuart to discuss ethics forms etc.

Following up on emails. Working on poster.

13 October

Creating some more visualisations.

Working on poster and survey. Have good first draft of poster, need to create some new pictures using Many Eyes. Putting survey questions into web site.

Meeting with Stuart about poster and ethics stuff.

OOPSLA admin.

12 October

Read Jeremy Shipman, Esther Ng, and Andrew Walbrans Honours reports and gave them some feedback.

11 October

OOPSLA admin.

10 October


Helped Radu with some stuff for his thesis.

Finished reading Micro Patterns for Java Code paper. Gave a presentation about it at the Elvis meeting.

9 October

Reading Micro Patterns for Java Code paper as I need to give a presentation at tomorrows Elvis meeting.

Following up on lots of emails.

Looking at online survey software. Got in touch with Brenda who is also running a survey looking into the use of Open Source library software.

Had a demo of the visualisation lab with the new visualisation machines located in the rack, sound, and new UI using SAGE. Roger showed me my Onward! film which kind of looks quite good on 12 32inch screens. Even he was impressed. He also displayed the large LGL images from the OPTE project which I suggested he use. The OPTE project models the Internet, analyzes wasted IP space, IP space distribution, detects the result of natural disasters, weather, war, and aesthetics/art. They are really cool since they are very complex and you can have many of them on the screen at once. However, what we eventually want is the visualisation wall to display interactive and even 3D applications, hence the research project.

Some Elvis admin, re: Planet. OOPSLA, VLHCC admin as well.

Read an interesting paper about printing web pages called PrintMonkey which allows users to customize printing web pages they view, very nice tool.

8 October

Created a new PhD? research blog called Visual Analytics for Object-Oriented Software. Where I will blog about software visualization papers, tools, visualizations, conferences etc. This wiki blog will pretty much be the same i.e. detailing what I am up to on a weekly basis.

Working with Hayden Smith (pair programming) to get his LGL/Cairo? Python code working again so that I can use it for my stuff. Made some errors which took an hour and half longer than expected. All in all three hours taken. However, we now need to find the code that does the generation of the nodes and edges file from the execution of the java -p option on the Java applications in the corpus. But we are getting closer, almost there.

Finished reading Radu's thesis. Read chapters 1, 2, 4, and 6. Hopefully he can be completed by Friday.

ACSW sponsorship.

OOPSLA and VLHCC admin.

Starting to read Fred Brook's Mythical Man Month book.

7 October

Finished reading the Long Tail book by Chris Anderson, there also exists a Wired article on the Long Tail. A very good read to understand companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix etc. Dirk Riehle introduced this to me and I saw a talk by Chris Anderson at the PARC Forum earlier this year about this concept.

Working on OOPSLA poster.

Working on survey.

Attended James' missile mission critical software engineering talk

6 October

Working on survey, played with SurveyMonkey? but it only allows 10 questions on the free version which kind of sucks. Enquired about the CatalystIT? piece of software,

Arranging some OOPSLA stuff.

ACSW admin and sponsorship request.

Follow up JAOO email.

Reading chapter 3 of Radu's thesis and gave feedback.

VLHCC admin.

3 October

Realised I am behind on so many things!

Trying to make [Planet Elvis] work.

Attended Elvis meeting, listened to Dave talk about a Purity of Java paper.

Signed up as a student volunteer for CHI and a reviewer. Will see if I get any papers to read though.

Got a reply from Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and she recommended I have a look at a tool called Structure 101. It looks quite interesting and even James Gosling recommends it.

2 October

Finished reading Colin Ware's Visual thinking for design. It looked at the cognitive side of visual thinking. It was quite good and there are some lessons in the book that I can take away and use for building and evaluating my own software visualization tools.

Finalised OOPSLA plane tickets, so they should be here some time soon.

Got the VLHCC and Softvis proceedings from James. Put up some old posters down Elvis Presley Blvd.

1 October

ACSW admin.

OOPSLA admin.

VLHCC admin.

Reviewed Chapter 5 of Radu's thesis.

Uploaded ICVNZ reviews to the web site, took longer than expected.

Short meeting with Stuart to discuss some ideas.

September 2008

30 September

Not a good day. Internet not working at the uni, nor email, and I got a flat tyre!!!

Organising stop over in Denver after OOPSLA.

Went to Rashina's PhD? proposal seminar which was really good. It has inspired me to do mine, but first need to complete the proposal document smile

29 September

Watched some long videos on the Google Visualization toolkit which was released earlier this year at the Google I/O. So far it only supports the Google Spreadsheets Application as a data source. I wonder how I could get it to use data from the corpus. Perhaps I can reverse engineer the corpus to output the date and input it into a spreadsheet then create some visualizations. Hopefully the API ends up in the Google Web Toolkit which will make things a little easier.

Finished the reviews for the ICVNZ conference. Now have to add the data to the web site.

26 September

Reviewing papers for IVCNZ.

Working on slides for talk at Elvis.

Dropped my posters off to Keith Willett so he can put them up on Cotton St.

Early start to the day up at 0600 trying to recover from jetlag.

25 September

Arrived in Hong Kong. Got stuck there for three hours since there were typhoons. Missed my Wellington flight at 1030 and the next few flights are all full. So I now have to wait until the 1430 flight. AirNZ? were nice and let me into the Koru Club lounge so that I can check my emails and do some work. UPDATE the 1430 flight was cancelled and the 1500 and 1600 fights were all full. I am now scheduled for the 1700 flight. Hopefully I can get on this flight. Seven hours in the Koru Lounge is not a nice place to be! Finally got home about 1900pm.

Working on some slides for tomorrow. Organised reading group for next week.

Busy reading the Micropatterns in Java paper.

24 September

I guess I was stuck in a plane somewhere in the world, not sure where though. Trying to sleep.

23 September

Went and had a look at Dachau Concentration Camp. It was a weird feeling. A very sad place frown, sad smile

Checked some emails got a quote for OOPSLA tickets. Looks like I will fly through San Francisco.

22 September

Recovering from Oktoberfest and walking around Munich.

Organising tickets to OOPSLA.

Some OOPSLA admin.

21 September

Went to the Oktoberfest and drank too much beer. Too much beer this week, personal note to myself, never drink again!

Left Hersching.

20 September

Recovering from the conference. Spent some time in Hersching. Had a few people show me their visualisation tools and diagram editors. Looks like there is a tool I need to explore to see if I can use if for my purposes.

Went out for a dinner in a traditional German restaurant.

19 September

Sat in on VLHCC paper sessions. Only the last session was of interest to me. There was one paper from UBC Gail Murphy's group that observed programmers in industry to see what kinds of diagram tools they used for UML. I want to follow up with these authors as it is something related to the observational studies I plan to do.

18 September

Went to the [Andechs Monastery] for the conference dinner which was really nice. Drank lots of beer since they had beer tasting.

Attending VLHCC papers sessions. Nothing too interesting here for my research. Lots of papers about spreadsheet research.

Seeing if VISSOFT could be located with ASE in Auckland next year. Has some discussions that NZCSRSC is going to be in Auckland in April next year.

17 September

Attended the Keynote and Softvis sessions. All were quite good. Got some dialogue going with some of the softvis tool builders.

16 September

Had a few lovely beers and got some sleep.

Presented my posters at Softvis. I got heaps of questions on my X3D poster but not so many for the TutteVis? (sorry Dave). I got lots of inspiration to go and build my system and really get stuck into the PhD?. I can't wait to get back and to do some more work smile

Gave talk at the VLHCC graduate consortium which went quite well. It was the end of the day so everyone was a bit tired. The room was hot. I got some good feedback from Mary-Beth and Alan Blackwell. They think the approach I am taking is a good idea.

15 September

The weather in the Munich area is not so good.

Travelling to conference

Had some dinner and worked on slides for the consortium tomorrow.

Caught train to Hersching.

Caught plane from Frankfurt to Munich.

Caught the train from Mannheim to Frankfurt airport.

Went and saw some friends at SAP HQ in Walldorf.

Travelling from Hockenheim. Saw the F1 race track.

14 September

Drove to Heidelberg. Had dinner with some friends. Ran into Ian Witten and David Milne from University of Waikato. Oh what a small world.

Had a look at Frankfurt city walked around and saw lots of old stuff.

13 September

Had dinner at a winery and drank lots of lovely wine courtesy of my friend.

Not feeling too good. Went up the Rhine Valley and saw Russenbau, not sure of spelling, and Loreleley. Very nice day apart from feeling sick.

12 September

Went out for some drinks in Saxonhouse in Frankfurt. Very nice.

Arrived in Frankfurt. A friend picked me up and he is a firefighter. On the way home he got called to the Fire Station as there was an emergency. I just waited at the Fire station.

In transit.

11 September

Feeling really bad got a bad cold and sore chest.

Caught plane to LAX.

Printed posters and got them laminated.

10 September

Working on posters smile

9 September

TutteVis? poster working on.

ACSW meeting and some admin.

Still feeling crap. Hopefully I can recover before I leave on Thursday. Booked doctors appointment.

Some OOPSLA admin.

8 September

Working on Tuttevis poster. Have a good draft need to show Dave. Feeling sick as a dog, come down with a cold, sore throat, i.e "The Works".

7 September

Sometimes I wonder if Apple's sole purpose is to annoy its end users when trying to make stuff work on multiple platforms.

5 September

Going to be busy tomorrow, didn't get to finish draft posters as expected by the end of this week.

Had meeting with Stuart which was good. Basically the ethics approvals are looking good. Need to fix up the survey.

Had interesting discussion at the Reading Group about multi-level programming with DeepJava?. Perhaps there is an honours project there for someone next year by applying ownership types with multi-level programming.

Woke up feeling sick like I wanted to faint, but will drag myself to uni for Elvis ReadingGroup?, ElvisMeeting? and meeting with Stuart.

4 September

Meeting with James to discuss HEC approvals, VLHCC slides, Prefuse demos. Lots to do.

Working on HEC applications (3 of them) and the associated information sheets and consent forms. This should really have been done ages ago.

Did some Elvis, ACSW, and OOPSLA admin.

Arranged a meeting with Dave for Monday morning to discuss the Tutte SoftVis? poster.

Had ACSW meeting at the Boatshed to discuss the conference dinner. Then it started to rain frown, sad smile

3 September

Attended the Engineering talk by Mike Underhill which was quite inspiring.

Playing around with LGL, seems to be ok but the conversion to VRML is real old and a bit hacky. Not sure if I will use it or not. Also read the paper on LGL.

Working on second ethics approval and survey.

Read some papers about Sextant from Darmstadt. Very nice work. The main difference between their work and mine is their tools are integrated with Eclipse whereas mine is planning on being a web based application. It will be interesting to see what NZ developers think. There are pros and cons for both approaches.

Sent some emails to people about referring to some other projects.

2 September

Moved offices, now in CO241 with Radu.

Reading Visual Thinking for Design by Colin Ware.

Plane tickets for Germany have arrived.

1 September

Started reading Visual Thinking for Design by Colin Ware.

Reading some papers around the kinds of questions developers would ask for software comprehending by Michael Pacione. The papers are nice but they are all fairly similar and it is not clear what the difference is from some of the papers. There is one paper that reviews SV tools which can no longer be downloaded are no longer in use. That would be a waste of time if I did something like that since a number of people have done that and I feel the contribution is limited. It would be better to build a tool and then apply the different evaluation techniques on my own tool. TODO

ACSW admin sending out some emails and rejecting some emails on the mailing list.

Elvis office moves ...

Trying to organise a time with Hayden Smith to find out about LGL stuff he did a while ago for the Lego Hypothesis project.

Doing some Elvis wiki admin.

August 2008

31 August

Sore and tired from playing the WICD Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Had some fun and it was a great day.

29 August

Organising an Internet connection for home.

Went to the reading group. The paper was not as good as expected.

Attended Elvis meeting.

Had some errands in the morning.

28 August

Some OOPSLA admin.

Had IEEE presentation.

Went to the Annika Hinze dinner.

27 August

Had some dry runs of the slides with Radu.

Thinking about creating the posters. Alain and co. now use Adobe Illustrator which is not free. Think I will stick with Powerpoint for now.

Had a brief meeting with Stuart to discuss HEC application and to go over slides.

Created some slides for the IEEE student event.

Some OOPSLA and ACSW admin.

26 August

Read some papers about software visualization.

Completed draft of HEC application for user studies on software visualisation tools. Sent to Stuart for feedback. Need to complete the other one for the survey but close to finishing.

ACSW meeting and the wonderful minutes smile

Selected HCI paper for this weeks reading group.

Creating some slides for the talk on Thursday at the IEEE postgrad event.

OOPSLA admin.

25 August

HEC application almost complete.

Did some ACSW follow up on sponsorship. Completing some sponsorship forms.

22 August

HEC application ...

Did some work on the proposal. Added in OOPSLA paper and a few other ideas.

Got an email from Dave about this article on Visualization Strategies: Text & Documents since it was on reddit. I decided to experiment with one of the tools mentioned there which I haven't used before.

Here is a visualization of the package names in Java using the [Wordle] web visualization application, i.e. "word clouds". Essentially similar to Many Eyes. Less interactive and you can only really change the layout, colours, and fonts. I am not sure why org.omg.corba sticks out more than the other package names. I will look to explore creating some different visualisations using class names and in the approach I did with the decamelcasing the words in the class names. This tool seems to be more art than something useful compared to the visualizations on ManyEyes?. Perhaps only time will tell with user testing smile

Read a couple of small papers on visualization re: around Tag Clouds.

Attended the Reading Group and Elvis meeting. Four people turned up to the reading group which was good.

21 August

HEC application ...

Modified my OOPSLA paper since I had the format in 9pt instead of 10pt. I had to do some mucking around to get it into two pages since it expanded to three pages which I changed to 10pt.

Did some slides for Study at Vic day for Stuart, Dave, and Pondy.

Reading Agile Reading Group paper.

20 August

Reissued a library book out and took another one out about visual thinking for design.

Watched a video of a tool demonstration of a paper at SoftVis? 2008. Found out another friend of mine has a paper at the conference, which he has sent me and I will have a read.

Working on HEC approval and survey.

Creating camera ready copy of OOPSLA poster for ACM publishing. Redid the ACM permission thing.

19 August

Creating a TreeView? visualisation of the Java package and class names.

Working on HEC approval and survey.

Reading some software visualization papers thinking they would be useful for the survey, but they are more around best practices for building software visualization tools. These papers will be useful for background material in the thesis.

I now have two screens for my desktop in my office, thanks to Roger and Mark for organising that for me.

Some OOPSLA admin.

18 August

Reading the prefuse CHI paper which will help me understand the toolkit a bit better.

Creating two more visualizations, one that uses fish eye views for the menus of the packages and classes of the Java specification. Unfortunately the classes example has some errors which I will need to investigate further.

Updated some information on the new Elvis wiki. Still lots to do on that front.

Got some feedback from OOPSLA reviewers of my poster. I can now fix up the final version, of which there are only a few minor things.

Need to finish off HEC approvals and survey this week which are my top priorities. Stuart suggested I focus on only a few things at once rather than trying to do too many tasks. I think that is good advice since I have a habit of starting things and then sometimes never finishing them.

17 August

Dropped Shane to the airport. Trying to recover from a cold and sore throat.

16 August

Went to Shane's farewell dinner with a few drinks smile

Chopping some food and doing some gardening.

Responding some old emails. Trying to follow up with a guy from SAP at OOPSLA on ABAP which is SAP's proprietary programming language for their applications. We may add this language to our corpus. He is going to be giving a prominent talk.

15 August

Completed ACM permission form for OOPSLA. Organising some travel to the US for OOPSLA.

Organised next weeks reading group paper on Agile Methods and asked Rashina to give a small talk about her trip to Agile at the Elvis meeting next week.

Showed my visualization at the Elvis meeting.

Went to the reading group. Paper was interesting but it is not clear why this paper won the best paper at OOPSLA. Most likely from the discussion was that it helped initiate static analysis research of OO programs including work with Java.

Logged a job to get two screens for my desktop at uni.

14 August

Attended the third and final Richard Stallman talk in Wellington. It is quite a character.

Read reading group paper.

Fixing up visualization changed some colours around and checking data.

There was a cool workstation chair at the Stallman talk yesterday which I told the OOS VUW nurse person about. perhaps we will get some of these concept chairs in the future smile

13 August

Attended the Richard Stallman talk which was really great. I asked him of his opinion of corporations such as Google.

Created this cool visualization of the Java packages and classes using prefuse. Here is some details about the Java Language specification:

Number of packages is [202] Number of classes is [2687] Number of interfaces is [972] Number of annotations is [69] Number of enums is [49] Total Classes = 3777

Organising travel to VLHCC which needs to be ticketed this week.

12 August

Working on creating the Javadoc visualization with prefuse.

ACSW meeting.

OOPSLA poster accepted, yay smile

11 August

Looking at using Prefuse toolkit for the Javadoc visualization.

Applied for the IEEE student postgraduate presentation event. I will present the work related to my VLHCC stuff since that is initially my PhD? proposal work.

ACSW planning, sponsorship, and web site maintenance.

Organising paper for reading group next week.

10 August

Getting sunburnt walking around Wellington. What a beautiful day for winter.

8 August

Sorted out reading group paper for next week, programming languages.

Working on survey and visualisation.

Attended Elvis reading group and meeting. VLHCC travel organising.

Found out that Microsoft acquired Powerset search engine, which is based on natural language processing.

7 August

Got a reply from Jimmy Wales, cool!

Had a meeting with Dave about Tutte visualisation poster I need to create for SoftVis?. There are some promising things we can do with the poster, even using the Visualisation Wall.

Read a paper about DJavadoc a tool for Javadoc which has some special features to customise the packages and classes frames by using bookmarks, filtering some of the information, and have some personal settings. I would like to reuse this piece of software in our study and see what users think of it.

Pointed some UCLA people to some software visualisation software and tools.

6 August

Read the HCI reading papers.

Organising VLHCC travel.

5 August

Organising VLHCC accommodation.

Working on visualisation.

Found this cool song by Auckland band Moron Says What which has lyrics that say "I love Wikipedia". Very cool.

4 August

Organising VLHCC travel.

Created a list of Non-Core emails for ACSW.

Picked HCI reading group papers.

1 August

Working on visualization.

Found this tool for creating UML diagrams from JavaDoc? called APIViz. This was one idea I had, perhaps someone was listening when I suggested it.

Attended ReadingGroup? which was quite successful we had a lively debate about Agile in general. Attended Elvis meeting and listened to some of the 489 students talk about the progress they are making on their projects, again also good.

July 2008

31 July

Working on survey and HEC application. Creating visualisation of Java packages.

Started to organise VLHCC accommodation and travel. Made enquiries waiting for responses.

Finished reading the other Agile Methods ReadingGroup? papers.

30 July

Updated the new Elvis wiki publications page.

29 July

Had a meeting with Stuart about creating a visualisation showing the package information for Java Doc and then doing some user tests. Perhaps this experiment could turn into a paper for AUIC.

28 July

Roger showed me the visualisation lab and we put some of the pictures that Hayden created for the Lego Hypothesis project on the wall. basically they didn't scale since they were PNG images. I now need to go away and look into SAGE applications to figure out how to create large scale visualisations with that software.

PhD? meeting with James and Stuart. Next major task is to work on the survey and HEC application.

26 July

Watching Randy Pausch's last lecture.

25 July

Went the Reading Group, we had five people in total which was quite good numbers. Attended Elvis. Working on survey.

24 July

Finished second draft of KAREN travel fund application. Caught up with the Summer of Code people.

Got access to Hayden's lego code so I will be able to produce some software visualisations using the Cairo project.

23 July

Feeling sick.

Found that the University has some eye tracking software in the School of Psychology so hopefully I will be able to use it to do some empirical studies of my visualisations.

22 July

Feeling sick. Doing some OOPLSA organising stuff.

21 July

ACSW meeting.

Had a meeting with Hayden Smith for him to show me how his visualisations of the lego project work. Unfortunately the code was not there, but in his suspended home directory.

18 July

Went to the Elvis Reading Group on HCI with InfoVis? focus. I read the papers but noone else turned up. I suspect it is a bad time. I have suggested to moving the reading group to an earlier time and have a multi focus with alternative papers from the different research areas to read.

Attended Elvis meeting.

Had a meeting with Robert O'Callaghan from Mozilla and showed him my X3D work. Perhaps one day X3D will get into the browser. Robert suggested I look into more detail about GL Shader and the OpenGL? work they are doing. I have had a previous email discussion with Robert about this, but I didn't get much time to look at it. I will have to go back and have another look.

17 July

Updating Karen Travel application.

Feeling sick.

16 July

Doing some stuff with X3D for Friday.

Finished reading Ben's thesis.

15 July

Attended a .Net user group meeting where the CTO from Xero Craig Walker gave a talk about optimizing your web page design. He showed a couple of nifty tools such as Yahoo!'s Performance Group YSlow and Pagetest.

I thought Pagetest was of most interest since it is something that I could do to create a visualization of a piece of code once you compile it in Eclipse, perhaps to show design metrics. This is an idea I have been thinking of for a while. Codecrawler does something similar and has a plug-in to Eclipse as well.

Reading Ben's thesis.

14 July

Deposited my MSc thesis into the library, woo hoo. Unfortunately they can't read the contents of the CD. I will have to go back and check with them. Sent off a copy to Don Brutzman.

Happy Bastille Day smile

13 July

Following up on some emails.

Reading Ben Palmer's thesis.

12 July

Put covers on my CDs for the thesis.

Bought a book on software metrics.

11 July

Discussed Elvis related stuff with Stuart.

Working on survey.

Helping Jeremy with his submission for VAST.

10 July

Attended the UP meeting which was ok, free pizza and beer so can't really complain.

Attended Thomas' lecture on Model Driven Development to see what he was talking about. Was considering attending Stuart's 453 course as well.

Working on survey.

Helped Jeremy out with his project.

Reviewed the OOPSLA Multiple Dispatch paper and provided some feedback.

Had a coffee with Dirk from Psychology and pointed him in a few places.

Had a look at Thinkbase which is a visual wiki and created by a PhD? student at Auckland.

Inquired about the Webstock conference which is going to be held again in 2009.

9 July

Reviewed Jeremy's draft of his VAST Challenge submission and provided some feedback.

Looking up the Maori word for To View.

Attended the Wellington Usability Group lunch session which was interesting to see a whole bunch of new faces.

Had a meeting with John Grundy about SPPI, survey, and past Masters work. Found out from John that there is a student at Auckland who is doing work with visualising wikipedia semantics.

Waiting for Stuart to make CD covers for my thesis CDs.

8 July

Burned copies of the CD for my bounded thesis.

Attended John Grundy's talk.

Talked to Thomas, Radek, and Gustav about various things.

Organised some wiki pages for John G and Robert O'Callaghan.

7 July

Following up on emails. Paying a few bills.

Making changes to Softvis posters, i.e. camera ready. Submitted camera ready poster papers.

Burning CDs for MSc thesis, creating CD covers, and putting in CD jackets.

6 July

Not much just walking around the hills of Wellington and entertaining Shane and co.

5 July

One more year older. Went to the rugby and we won. What a great birthday even if we got saturated by the rain.

4 July

Making changes to Softvis posters.

Helping Jeremy with his visualisations and perhaps a paper submission to the VAST challenge. Relaxing night.

3 July

Submitted poster to OOPSLA on tag cloud class name visualisations of the Java language and Java applications from the Qualitas Software Corpus.

Woo hoo, X3D software visualisation SoftVis? paper got accepted smile

2 July

Woo hoo, Tutte Polynomial SoftVis? paper got accepted smile

Gave a talk at CHINZ, the ACM NZ HCI chapter. Attending the conference.

Created a new visualization that shows the differences between the classnames of Java 1.1 and Java 6. Now need to put the paper together by the end of tomorrow. Also need to create a visualization of all the classes from the Qualitas Corpus, have a solution for that.

Not sure if I am going to get much sleep between now and tomorrow night.

Picked up bounded theses, just need to submit them to the library now.

1 July

Working on CHINZ talk. Helping Stuart with logistics for CHINZ.

Working on OOPSLA poster, getting class names from Java 1.1

June 2008

30 June

Submitted e-research travel grant. Working on OOPSLA poster and slides for CHINZ.

Had the morning off, felt kind of tired after having worked all weekend and the past weekend. Needed some rest.

29 June

Working on e-Research travel grant and OOPSLA poster.

28 June

Submitted two posters to Softvis. One of visualising the Tutte polynomial computation and the other the results of my evaluation from my thesis. Hopefully they get accepted.

27 June

Shane's birthday, went out for dinner.

Working on Softvis posters.

26 June

Read Jen's Softvis paper and provided some feedback.

Had a chat to Sally Jo about our visualisation work here at VUW.

25 June

Found a company that does mobile visualisations called [Datavis] established in 1984.

Organised dinner for Friday night.

Had meeting with James, discussed various things. Heaps to think about.

Working on Softvis X3D poster.

Dropped off thesis to get bounded today in the greater depths of Karori, hopefully it comes back in one piece.

24 June

Finished printing the thesis. Only thing left to do is get it bound, deposit the thesis in the library, and graduate smile

Got the PIN reset on the phone in our office, just now need to find out how to use voicemail. I searched for it on the MCS web site and the only thing that came back was a reference to my own wiki on how I had setup voicemail when I was in the US, what a pain. I am sure it is on the intranet somewhere but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Will have to just dial the operator to find out that information.

Working on two SoftVis? (MSc work and Tutte) posters and one for OOPSLA (Java API with ManyEyes?) smile

Had brief meeting with Stuart to discuss what is going on with CHINZ, had a look at the room.

Gave one copy of the thesis to Stuart. Will be printing the rest today and binding from tomorrow. It takes a few days to bind.

23 June

Printed a couple of copies of the thesis.

Chapter 5, 6, 7, and appendix completed. Just the bibliography to go and then print smile

Read chapter 5, making the changes. Chapter 6 and 7 to go smile

Doing some VLHCC admin (registration).

22 June

Making changes to chapter 4. Rereading chapter 5 and chapter 6.

Making an outline of the survey that we want to ask NZ Software Development companies. Whipped together a few pages.

21 June

Reading chapter 4 of thesis to fix up changes. Found that is a fair bit to change, mostly consistency and a couple of other points. However, it is still painful.

20 June

Working on the final touch to the MSc thesis. Fixing up minor changes.

Heard Rilla passed her oral PhD? exam, well done.

Shane Markstrum turned up, woo hoo! We now have another really cool person visiting us.

Elvis meeting.

Had a phone conversation with Tomer from Chaos Dimention which was quite interesting, provided some more good feedback.

Gave Jeremy some ideas for his visualisation project.

Got access to ACSW 2009 folder and wiki. It took longer than expected as they had to create a new group for me since I am not part of the staff group.

Had to remove page numbers from VLHCC GC paper.

19 June

Attended a talk by Christo Bence on Pairwise Testing at SQNZ which was rather interesting. It is a method to select your test cases for the software development testing procedure.

Working on the final touch to the MSc thesis. Fixing up minor changes.

Got a copy of Jens' SoftVis? 2008 paper. I will have a read of that over the weekend.

18 June

Attended a talk by Josh from MSD on Spring MVC 2.5. The basic nutshell is that Spring MVC 2.5 is using annotations as opposed to Spring MVC 2.0, but apparently version 3.0 now exists and he didn't cover that in the talk.

Working on the final touch to the MSc thesis. Fixing up minor changes.

Working on writing up our survey.

Sent some more emails to Chaos Dimention.

Had some email conversations with Stuart about CHINZ.

Reading Ewan's responses to my emails. I will have to reply to them once I have done the MSc thesis thing, but I should have probably have done that first smile

17 June

Had some email discussion with Ewan.

Followed up on some more emails.

Did some ACSW promoting and emails.

Had a meeting with James and Stuart and discussed a range of things, will document this on on the meetings with supervisors page. Need to finish off lots of tasks in kind of this order MSc thesis, survey, SoftVis? poster, Semmle ABC Compiler smile

Had a meeting with Chaos Dimention about their 3D email visualization product they are building. Some good ideas came about. Followed up with some emails for them to some possible links.

Saw Jeremy has done some nice work for his honours thesis.

Got the Survey paper of Lindsay's from the library. Will have to reread this and have a look at the questions in order to come up with our survey.

Discussed a couple of CHINZ things with Stuart.

Submitted copyright thing for VLHCC.

16 June

Touched up VLHCC paper and resubmitted final copy and answered the reviewers comments.

Wrote a few emails to Ewan summarizing my reading of the corpus papers. Asked how to get data from Jepends to create visualisations and how to extend the tool or get a different kind of data set.

Watched some cool films by Michael Ogawa on [Code Swarm] which show the contributions or commits of developers on Open Source projects including Eclipse, Python, PostgreSQL?, and Apache. I suspect that this work is probably a SoftVis? paper for this year or perhaps a poster.

Asked Michele Lanza what he is up to. He pointed me to some vis tools that he is creating that are on the web.

Asked Dan from the School of Design to come and give a talk at Elvis about Processing, since they are doing some interesting work in this area.

Followed up with more catchup emails.

13 June

Could possibly turn David's SIENZ paper into a SoftVis? poster.

Had a meeting with Stuart and discussed Dave's work about profiling applications with AspectJ? which we could turn into software visualisations. Sounds interesting but this would be the dynamic visualisations. In the mean time I am going to focus on static visualisations. Also talked about the upcoming department visualisation lab and creating large scale visualisations, basically a web browser won't really be able to support this large scale size screen.

Pointed Stuart to Ingimp which is an instrumentation of the Gimp application to look at how users use the interface of the application. It was a paper at CHI in 2008.

Looking for ACSW sponsors, contacted one company.

Following up on some emails re: JAOO.

Investigated Ingres and gave some information to Pavle about it.

VLHCC grad consortium paper.

Organised to go and talk to the people at ChaosDimention? next week on email visualisations. They have some people working on this project. So that should be quite interesting to see what they are up to since it was an idea we talked about the last time we met.

12 June

Bought a book on Eiffel and Agile Software Development. Got "Snowcrash" out from the library.

Heard the usual Alex rant. It is nice to know people care.

Read another corpus paper.

Working on VLHCC grad consortium paper. Too many conflicting emails there about logistics.

11 June

Saw Richard Taylor at Dymocks bookshop last night signing the book they have just created which discusses the props used in the Narnia series.

The people at the School of Design are using the language Processing for teaching their students how to program in Java. I asked one of the teachers there if they are interested in coming and giving a talk at Elvis about it. I also asked if they were interested in me giving a talk to them about X3D and they seemed quite keen.

Two paper rejections (HCI and Web3D), made me feel down a bit frown, sad smile

Attended the E-Research Symposium at the School of Design. Of most interest to me was that there is going to be a Visualisation Lab in the school either sometime later this year or next. This would be interesting to create some large scale visualisations of software. However, I will need to figure out how to create visualisations of this size.

10 June

Have so many ideas and things to do, not enough time in the day to do them all smile

ACSW meeting.

Reading some more corpus papers, almost finished them all.

9 June

Traveling from Sydney.

8 June

Went to Wollongong for a day and night, very nice beaches.

7 June

Cycled around Sydney and over the bridge. Watched NZ beat Ireland.

6 June

Did the tourist thing walked George St, The Rocks, and Sydney Opera House.

Met some people from the Google Sydney office. They overlook Darling Harbour and plan to move to a new building soon. The current building is very corporate like, but right in the middle of downtown Sydney.

5 June

Gave a talk to Peter Eades and Masa's group VisLab? at the University of Sydney. They are in a nice new building, perhaps we will end up in one as well.

4 June

Attended two tutorials at JAOO. One by Rebecca Wirfs-Brock on the Art of Telling your Design Story and the other by Robert C. Martin on designing your classes. Both were really interesting. Some of the corpus work cites Robert's work so that was interesting to see that he was saying similar things to what we are interested in as well.

Perhaps one day JAOO will be held in Wellington or New Zealand somewhere.

3 June

Attended some great talks, another talk by Erik Dorenberg showed more software visualization to do with quality software, the area of my PhD?. He showed some nice 3D software visualizations from Michele Lanza's work. Robert C. Martin (Clean Code), Jim Webber (Web Services), and Gregor Hohpe (Google API) all talked about interesting things.

2 June

@ JAOO attended some great talks by Martin Fowler, Eric Meijer, and David Holmes. There was a real interesting talk by Erik Dorenberg and Gregor Hohpe on software visualization from a practionioners point of view using .dot, intelliJ, and CodeCrawler?. A number of people from Wellington have turned up.

1 June

Helped setup JAOO conference. It looks like there is going to be close to 300 people. Know there are going to be a few people from NZ there which should be good.

Went to an Aussie Rules game, Sydney Swans versus Richmond Tigers. It was interesting to see another professional game of sport.

May 2008

31 May

VLHCC grad consortium paper accepted, woo hoo. Something got accepted for a change smile

30 May

Traveling to Sydney. Made it alive. The rail network is slightly confusing. Read some more corpus papers.

29 May

Reading more corpus papers.

28 May

More of the same as yesterday.

Reading more corpus papers. I can now skip over most of the intro stuff since they are very similar in all of the papers.

Arranging stuff for trip to Aussie. I might make a couple of stops at a few research based places waiting to hear back. Need to pack the bags.

Did some follow up emails for ACSW planning/sponsorship.

I noticed I had something in my eye which popped out today as I was wondering why I had woken up for the past two days at 5am with a sore eye. The object has since been removed and I am now delightfully happy.

Arranging stuff for trip to Aussie.

Did some follow up emails for ACSW planning.

Had a good discussion with Stuart about the direction of the PhD?. There is a need to do some empirical user studies on software visualizations. Whether I do that for other tools or I do it on my own visualizations I am not sure as of yet.

Went to the Wellington Usability Discussion Group hosted by ElvisBrain:TimWright at his work place [Human Synergistics]. It was an interesting discussion with people from Provoke and BNZ. It looks like it might turn into a regular meeting.

Reading more corpus papers.

27 May

Reading more corpus papers.

26 May

Reading more corpus papers.

Feeling under the weather today. The bad weather of the weekend has affected me. Went to the doctors for the regular check up.

23 May

Have an idea for another poster for SoftVis? which should be kind of exciting.

Feeling a bit tired and sick for some reason, not sleeping too good.

Attended the Spring Source meeting. It was interesting to see that this has now become a company and they are going to be present at JAOO.

Finished read the other SV survey, reading another paper about the study on SV tools by the same authors of the second paper on a SV survey.

Helped Ben Palmer with his MSc thesis outline.

Ran an application done by some of Gary's students which creates some graph visualizations, quite nice.

Responding to some emails.

Doing some SAP stuff.

22 May

Helped Jeremy with some X3D code and his presentation.

Finished reading the software visualization survey and found another one to read.

Google has the Flight Of the Conchords playing at their developer conference

Attended Innaworks talk and Adam Clarke's PhD? proposal seminar.

Had an ACSW 2009 menus meeting.

21 May

Working on an HEC application. Got the documents from Stuart.

Found a link to a software visualization survey Software visualization in software maintenance, reverse engineering, and re-engineering: a research survey which is referenced in the other paper about software visualization and reverse engineering. I couldn't find it online when I was looking before as the VUW library didn't have access to the journal at the time.

Completed the six month report.

20 May

Finished re-reviewing an article for the Handbook of Technology Management.

Finished writing Six Month graduate thesis report and gave to supervisors to complete their part.

Got the Corpus Linguistics books out again from the library. Now need to read them and say something about them in my literature review.

Booked tickets to Sydney. Sent some emails to people about the conference, and helped publicise it.

19 May

Submitted something to VLHCC graduate consortium, not sure if it is the greatest piece of work ever, but it will do for now.

Working on VLHCC graduate consortium research abstract.

Returned the corpus Linguistics books.

Organising tickets to Sydney. Looks like I will be able to use airpoints, but still have to pay the additional airport taxes etc.

18 May

VLHCC paper got rejected frown, sad smile

Looking at existing web software visualization systems.

Working on VLHCC graduate consortium research abstract.

17 May

Working on VLHCC graduate consortium research abstract.

Finished reading Softvis book. Have a new name for my tool.

16 May

Gave a talk at Elvis on Many Eyes Visualizations. Need to create some more and create some research questions about what we want to find out from the visualizations.

Caught up with James and Stuart.

Working on VLHCC graduate consortium research abstract.

Finished two chapters of Softvis book, one chapter to go which I will finish over the weekend.

Following up on some emails.

Got an honorarium from Eurographics so I will use that money for JAOO trip.

Reading about linguistics corpora analysis and seeing how I can say something about that in my background of my thesis.

15 May

Writing VLHCC graduate consortium research abstract.

Reading softvis book.

Attended Pondy's writing workshop.

ACSW 2009 planning meeting.

14 May

Read some papers about wiki based environments for creating web applications.

Following up on some emails.

Had a chat to Ben about scholarships.

Reading about linguistics corpora analysis.

Found a friend who wrote a book on Seaside a web application framework for Squeak. If I have time I would like to look at some Smalltalk for the PhD?.

I think I have read all the ManyEyes? papers now. So to create a poster for SoftVis? would be to either use just this tool or have a look at some other online social visualization tools and create some visualisations and then say something in general about the tools and the visualizations (i.e. what can be derived from the visualizations).

13 May

So Many Eyes only has a couple of visualizations of source code, but not the kind of visualizations we want to create. Next visualization is to visualize the classnames from the code in the corpus. Then perhaps do some visualizations of the evolution of a piece of software such as classnames from version 1 to version 2, since Many Eyes has a feature for allowing two pieces of text to be merged, but not sure if that will be successful. Have to wait and see.

Just finished reading a paper titled Harry Potter and the Meat-Filled Freezer: A Case Study of Spontaneous Usage of Visualization Tools.

Read Your Place or mine? Visualization as a Community Component.

Attended Biran Carpenter's talk about the history of the Internet as part of the annual IET speaker series. The talk was actually quite good and interesting.

12 May

Have to get some books out of the library on Corporal in Applied Linguistics.

Finished reading Ewan's Usage Patterns of the Java Standard API paper and now think that I will be able to create a poster for softvis. Started on that paper, next task is to explore the API more and come up with some interesting visualizations using Many Eyes.

Started the outline of the proposal document in Latex. Converting smaller proposal into a larger document and adding section titles. Still lots missing and plenty to do smile

Do some admin for Eurographics and followed up on some emails.

10 May

Finished the rebuttal, but it will be hard to get the paper in now, so we will just have to wait.

Submitted short-paper to British HCI. Working on VLHCC rebuttal.

Sent Jeremy some links.

9 May

Busy writing a short paper for [British HCI conference]. Basically finished, might get some feedback from Robert or James. If not will submit later today.

Just realised that [UIST] is located in Monterey, CA a place I would like to go again. However, the conference clashes with [OOPSLA] which I am already going to frown, sad smile

Another IT Careers fair.

8 May

Here are the Many Eyes visualisations. They show the classnames of the Java Standard API specification version 6 de-camelcased, i.e. AbstractColorChooserPanel? becomes Abstract Color Chooser Panel. So there are a total of approximately 7 words encompassed in a camelcased classname in Java. There are two visualisations, one a tag cloud and the other a treemap with only 5 words capture since there are very few classnames that have 7 words.

The first visualisation the tag cloud shows that the most common words used in Java classnames are Basic, Abstract, Default, Metal, Key, Dyn, and Invalid. The second visualisation the treemap shows the order of the words in the camelcase classname. The treemap shows the words in the classname ordered as in the order you would find them in a Java classname, i.e. AbstractColorChooserPanel? as (1) Abstract (2) Color (3) Chooser (4) Panel. The treemap allows a user to change the order or hierarchy to see which words are the most prominent in each position.

Gave Rowan my finance stuff from my trip to Europe.

Pulled down some posters so the Careers staff can companies can put up theirs for tomorrows careers fair.

Met with Thomas to discuss my masters thesis.

7 May

Some more receipts stuff. Had a brief meeting with Stuart. Responding to emails. Reading corpus papers. Reading software visualization book.

Created some visualisations with [Many Eyes], quite cool actually, will show some at Elvis meeting on Friday.

6 May

Trying to do some receipts. Since I don't speak Greek some of the receipts are in Greek so I had to get a dictionary out to confirm what is actually on the receipt.

5 May

Got final review for VLHCC paper, need to write a rebuttal at least.

Doing some admin of finance stuff.

Followed up on some emails.

Going to be a student volunteer at [JAOO in Sydney], now need to arrange a ticket to get there. Should have accommodation sorted.

4 May

Feeling sick have a cold.

3 May

Got reviews for VLHCC paper, not looking too good.

Finished reading Object Oriented Metrics.

2 May

Found out my MSc thesis grade which I passed, hooray smile

I have got some Being Human books to give away at the Elvis meeting today for anyone who wants one.

ACSW 2009 meeting. Interesting. Good to know that the planning is coming along nicely smile

Dentist appointment. First time in a long while frown, sad smile

1 May

Dropped Alain at the airport after a couple of stops through the city to take a couple more snaps. Again I will say this, I have never met anyone who takes more photos than Alain. I think Alain took something like 1000 pictures in about 5 days while in Wellington.

April 2008

30 April

Touristy stuff with Alain trying to keep away from the rain.

29 April

Attended Jevon Wright's and Alain Forget's seminars.

Signed up to be a student volunteer at [JAOO Sydney 2-4 June 2008].

28 April

Walked around the city with Alain. I have never seen anyone take so many photos in one day!

27 April

Picked up Alain from the airport then drove around the south coast, Brooklyn, downtown and had some Kiwi dinner at Burger Fuel.

26 April

Cleaning my place. Read a little bit more of Reading Object Oriented Metrics in Practice. Caught up with Alex.

25 April

Not feeling the greatest, slept in. Reading Object Oriented Metrics in Practice.

24 April

Reading Object Oriented Metrics in Practice. After reading the first few chapters I think I could of implemented Polymetric Views (aka software visualisations from [CodeCrawler]) in X3D for my Masters thesis. Not sure why I didn't think of this in the first place but it is something I could do for my PhD? smile

Essentially other people have also done something similar to with these kind of visualisations (Polymetric Views) but have not given them any specific name / title. One of the interesting things would have been for my Masters was to do multiple traces of the same program and put that into a visualisation. It is something we talked about but didn't have time to implement. I guess I should have asked Stuart for multiple traces ... at least there is a PhD? to do now.

The Keyhole Markup Language (KML) became a standard now managed by the Open Geospatial Consortium. KML is used in Google Earth, Google Maps, Flickr and a [number of other applications]. KML can represent 2D and 3D spatial data / textures. This is quite significant as X3D is an open standard and also has support for 3D geospatial information / texturing. This has been a bit of a bug bear for the Web3D Consortium members.

Alex is one year older today. We celebrated by having cake in Memphis.

23 April

Slept in today. Went to David Streader's talk. Setup laptop with stand, mouse, and keyboard. Follow up on some more emails.

Doing some admin.

Orgnanised some stuff for Alain's visit.

Gave some Elvis people the Being Human HCI in the Year 2020 book which I got from CHI. I missed out on getting one at the conference, instead they said if you email this special address you can order any from 0-1000 so I got 20 copies. I will give the remainder of the ones I have to people at Elvis meeting next week if anyone is interested. I will also put a copy in the library.

22 April

Back to the study. Went to Errol's talk. Followed up on some emails.

Used Deep Heat for RSI pain and it seems to be working, only time will tell.

21 April

Arrived back into Auckland to find my bags got lost from LA to Auckland. Now back in Wellington suffering from jetlag and OOS.

20 April

In transit.

19 April

Left Crete on my way home.

18 April

End of Eurographics. Went to a session on COLLADA and the key note by Takeo Igarashi on smart interfaces. Essentially it is work from his "Teddy" SIGGRAPH paper of 1999, which was some revolutionary work for 3D user interfaces.

17 April

Going to some of the technical sessions which are quite advanced for me. The conference dinner is tonight.

Had a BOF on X3D and some people turned out and we had some interesting discussions.

Installing MediaWiki? on the laptop in order to get X3D working inside a wiki.

16 April

Sat outside since it was so lovely and started to work on a paper. Attended a panel on the need for visualization and graphics courses at unis. Went to a session on sketch based modelling which was very good. Went to the short papers fast forward session and the posters reception.

Recovering from hang over and RSI.

15 April

Tutorial is over and went well. Would have been better if we had of had more people. We didn't get to some advanced topics as planned since some the participants were all fairly new to this area. Overall pleased at how it went and glad that it is over. Time to relax and perhaps enjoy some of the sights.

Time to get back to some PhD? software visualisation related content.

14 April

At Eurographics.

13 April

Working on tutorial slides.

Relaxing in the pool.

12 April

Recovering from Jetlag and travel. The weather in Crete is 23 and cloudy! Looking forward to some sun shine so I can go for a swim smile

Submitted a paper to Web3D Symposium. Asked supervisors for feedback since there is still another week until submission.

Working on slides for tutorial on Tuesday.

11 April

Travelling to Crete via Florence, Rome, Athens. Long journey for such a short distance!

10 April

Attended session on Visualizations, the closing key note by Bill Buxton. Overall the conference was good but too short. There were as many key notes or invited talks compared to OOPSLA. Had dinner with the team at the Restaurant Za Za which was remarkably very good.

9 April

Attended the 3D UI course which was very good. Learnt lots. Working on Web3D short paper submission.

The evening event was in some big hotel but squashed for the amount of people.

8 April

Attended the Beyond End-User Software Engineering session which had two papers I was not really interested in. The other paper did instrumentation of the user interface features of the Gimp application called ingimp. This process is something I should look at for my PhD?, but I think I am more interested in the lower level programming language features as opposed to the user interactions.

Attended the End-User Software Engineering SIG which was interesting to hear what the actual topic is about by the expert. We had some papers from a couple of people and then had small group discussions on how different aspects (requirements, design, reuse, testing, evaluation, ... ) of end user software programming is conducted across different domains (business, children, entertainment, etc.).

7 April

The booths were open and the usual companies had lots of freebies and food to give away. The most useful things were a USB light and an orange peeler from SAP smile

Alain presented his poster which went really well on persuasive password security.

Went to the visual synthesis session which was good. One paper (Microsoft Research) was about how they had created a map application where a user can go to a place on a map and find all the other kinds of maps that had been created about the same place. It was rather cool. The second paper was about integrating statistics and visualisations and provided some case studies like political documents etc. I had seen stuff like this before so it was so so for me. The last paper was on the [Many Eyes Web application] by IBM Research which was also good, however, I had already seen a couple of talks on this web site. I think this was the official paper on the web site.

Went to a session about interruptive technologies which was average. Attended a great session led by Bill Buxton and Saul Greenberg about whether or not Usability Evaluation is considered harmful they claim it is not and neither did the rebuttal. Their main points were pick the right usability evaluation method for your research and not just use the method that one is most comfortable with.

Start of the conference. The key note was average. There they had this CHI madness quick fire 30 seconds of each paper. That was ok but I think most people had already planned out their week so I am not so sure how useful that in terms of wasting time listening to something. If you are interested in the paper you are likely to just go and search for it and read it.

Met Elizabeth who is based in Munich, Germany.

6 April

Saw Statute of David. Caught up with Angela. Had a nice dinner.

5 April

Off to the CHI workshop which turned out to be average, but met some really cool people. Had a couple of drinks afterwards which was really good.

Suffering from a cold.

4 April

Saw the Duomo.

Robert, Sonia, and Alain have arrived.

3 April

Made it to Florence, Italy. Just woke up after 16 hours of sleep. They lost my bags from Frankfurt to Florence but they turned up about 30 mins after I woke up, so no worries.

Sat next to a guy who works in the area of computer science theory. He knows Rod Downey etc. I tried to convince him to write a paper for CATS at ACSW 2009 smile

Angela arrives in Florence on Sunday afternoon.

My first payment of the scholarship went through.

1 - 2 April

Traveling to Europe.

March 2008

31 March

Organising trip to Europe.

Installed X3D-Edit 3.2 on Windows as a standalone, 60MB seems too large for a text editor but I guess it comes with the rest of the Netbeans software.

29-30 March

Reading the Ewan corpus papers. Following up on old emails.

28 March

At Elvis.

Reading software survey paper by Lindsay.

27 March

Had first PhD meeting with James.

26 March

Installed X3D-Edit on Mac it seems quite nice. Trying to figure out how to update the viewer once a user changes the content of a X3D source file. The Mac seems to be a lot nicer than Windows. Don't have to try and figure out too much it just seems to work. However, not quite connected to MCS network via ethernet yet.

Had a look at the Java Corpus Dave put on /vol/elvis

iPhone now working. The telco entered my SIM card number wrong hence the phone could not access any network.

Trying to figure out how to do the complex registration for CHI.

Plane tickets arrived.

NZ miserably lost to England. What is funny is that the number 10 batsmen in his first test match manages to top score with 77 runs for NZ and he had the number 11 batting with him most of the time. It would have been nice if the rest of the other batsmen had of applied themselves better. We may have actually won the test match rather than getting severly beaten, again!

25 March

Caught up with some English lads for a drink in the Wellington sun.

24 March

Finished reading some ITIL paper that I was invited to review.

23 March

Reading more of the ITIL paper. Organising somewhere to stay in Florence.

22 March

Day off

21 March

Restarted my personal blog: for things that I will post about other stuff, i.e. non research related. Hopefully they will both be very busy over the next few years.

Started to review an article for some Technology Management Book which someone randomly asked me to do out of the blue. There are some people associated with the book from reputable schools. The only intriguing thing is the review of the article is about ITIL, something I have not used for a couple of years and the fact that they asked me. I asked them to clarify how they got my contact details, but no response yet.

Finished reading my friends thesis report from SAP. I provided some feedback.

20 March

Saw this interesting visualization work on the number of types in the .Net Framework including treemaps and a bar like graph. It could be worthwhile to create something similar for Java smile

Had a meeting today with Tomer Sagi and Dimitri Alkhimov from Chaos Dimention, a company based at Creative HQ. They discussed the kind of visualisation work they are doing with some large customers in NZ. There maybe scope to do some work here on the side of the PhD? or even get them to help out on our visualisation project. But we will have to wait and see about both. More discussion required here.

Organised flights to Europe, accommodation in Crete. Forgot to do registration for CHI, will have to do that next week. Delayed accommodation in Florence as Robert and his students may have already arranged an apartment or something along those lines.

Sent an email to the CHI Sensemaking workshop organisers about attending the workshop, hopefully I can.

Helped Rashina with some stuff about NZSRSC wrt to the poster session.

Reading through some of Ewan's papers.

Ate something rather dodgy last night and woke up with a bloated stomach, head ache, and sore eyes. I thought I was going to throw up. Alarm went off at 830am but I went back to bed until 12pm. Still not feeling that great. Hopefully Easter will not be spoilt.

19 March

Attended Wellington JUG talk by Mike Casey on the Google Web Toolkit. He has an interesting site that gets people to organise a concert of their favourite bands by putting money into a Paypal account and if the band sponsor / manager responds they get the money from the Paypal account. Essentially it is prepaid musical gigs. The only hitch is getting the band to play smile

Heard from a guy at the JUG there maybe another guy in Wellington doing software visualisation work. Emailed him hopefully I will find out more later.

Writing up a short submission to attend the Sensemaking workshop at CHI which is directly related to the Visualising Software Corpus Anlaysis Project.

Got a new Vodafone number today, but it is yet to be activated.

Bought a copy of the book Object-Oriented Design and Patterns (COMP205), apparently it is a good book.

Printed most of Ewan's corpus papers. Now need to read them smile

18 March

Attended Stephen's talk.

Some admin re: logistics.

17 March

Submitted a Faculty Strategic Research Grant.

Working from home.

Well New Zealand got pasted in the cricket. Lets hope they do better in Napier.

14 March

Now enrolled and fees paid. Scholarship thing kicks in over the next couple of weeks.

Making changes to VLHCC paper, perhaps I can submit another copy smile

13 March

Installing the new version of X3D-Edit 3.2 which is a plugin to Netbeans.

Went to part 2 of Neal's talk. Need to get my other suit case from Neil.

Got quote from HRG to goto Europe.

Put books from Alex back in my new office I share with Stephen and Mark.

Put a switch in the room so we can connect multiple laptops.

12 March

Submitted paper to VLHCC just in the nick of time smile

Almost finished paper, just shortening it so that the arguments are precise rather than long winded sentences smile

11 March

Got all the paper work signed off for the PhD? enrollment application. Now waiting for offer of study, before I can go to the Scholarships office to start the scholarship.

Writing VLHCC paper. Deadline is tomorrow. Gave James a draft, but some more stuff will change.

Went to ElvisBrain:NealGlew's seminar.

10 March

Making good progress with the VLHCC paper. Should have a good draft by the end of the day. Well I don't have the draft yet. I realised that the evaluation section needs to be checked with a microscope since I have added new stuff to the thesis which was after I wrote the first draft. Anyhow sections 1-3 are done. Just need to finish the main section 4, which is the evaluation and that is half done. Need to add in some kind of likert scale table. The conclusion is basically done. Tomorrow's task. I didn't realise that this paper was going to take quite so much effort!

Caught up with ElvisBrain:NealGlew and organised a dinner for him tomorrow.

Following up with some emails.

9 March

Confirmation that the deadline for VLHCC conference is Samoa timezone hence I now have until Wed to submit.

Didn't manage to finish the paper will have to do so tomorrow.

8 March

Decided to rewrite the VLHCC paper similar to what Matt did for his paper to invis 2003. I was going the wrong way of doing it.

7 March

Working on VLHCC paper.

Gave a talk at Elvis meeting on my trip.

Hacked the iPhone so that it now works in NZ. Now need to get a SimCard?.

6 March

Working on VLHCC paper.

Made some presentation slides of my trip to the US for the Elvis meeting tomorrow.

5 March

First day in the office and working on VLHCC paper and completing the various PhD? application forms.

Gave Alex and Kyle their iPhones.

Working also on getting an empty inbox.

4 March

Recovering from jetlag. Working on VLHCC paper.

3 March

Back from the US now recovering from jetlag.

1 March

Getting on a jet plane smile

February 2008

29 February

Packing bags.

28 February

Visiting NPS in Monterey.

23-27 February

In San Diego chilling out, hopefully the weather is nice as I would quite like to sit on the beach and do nothing smile

18-22 February

Now the proud owner of a new MacBook? Pro. I guess I should be welcomed to the new Mac world.

Finished my last day at SAP.

Went to a talk by Ivar Jacobson on Enough Process %u2013 Let%u2019s do Practices!.

Submitted abstract of our paper to VLHCC. I now have two weeks to finish writing the paper and submit. Unfortunately it clashes with my holiday and making a trip back to NZ!!!!

Dropped my phone into my glass of water by my bed so the phone is now stuffed!

Ordered an Apple MacBook? Pro so hopefully it will come but looks like they are going to have some difficulties with getting it to me ... customer service is not very nice. Can't wait to get back to some nice friendly hobbits back in the shire.

Made modifications to ICSE workshop paper.

Made some chocolate chip cookies, way cool.

Last week at SAP.

16-17 February

At the Metaverse U conference at Stanford for a couple of days. There should be some interesting talks including one by Howard Rheingold who is the author of Virtual Reality: The Revolutionary Technology of Computer-Generated Artificial Worlds - and How It Promises to Transform Society.

15 February

Went to a talk by Joy Mountford a famous user interface person working at Yahoo! She talked about Visualizations and Ambient Interfaces and showed a number of visualisations that showed the kind of queries people were using from the Yahoo search engine mapped onto a 3D world that rotated. This is similar to another tool that a guy from Google created that showed the queries on the Google search engine around the world in the different languages. The Google tool can be seen just past the lobby in the main building at Google Plex. These kind of visualisations are stunning and really intriguing, what they fail to do is help make business decisions. The new kind of area of research in visualisations is analysing the actual pictures that are being displayed, hence the Visual Analytics Symposium now exists to explore this research area.

14 February

Went to an NHL ice hockey game, San Jose Sharks vs. Edmonton Oilers at HP Pavilion in San Jose. The Edmonton team won 3-2. It was really exciting and I think I enjoyed it more than the Basketball as it seemed more pleasant and less over the top.

13 February

Went to an NBA basketball game, Golden State Warriors vs. Phoenix Suns at Oracle Arena in Oakland. The Golden State Warriors won 120-118. It was really great game. I was there with my fellow German colleagues. We even saw Shaquille O'Neill, what a massive person. It was interesting to see the ground go nuts over very minor things. I don't think you get this kind of hysteria in other countries.

11 February

Gave my final internship presentation at SAP. It went really well I think. Now have two weeks left of work, finish 22 Feb and leave 1 March, can't wait. I had to give the talk now as Dirk is heading off to Germany for a couple of weeks.

10 February

ICSE workshop paper accepted for the WEUSE workshop, yay smile

Went on a wine tour to Napa Valley in a limo organised by some of my friends. It was really great and I drunk some lovely drops.

9 February

Went to Alcatraz for a vist and up the Coit Tower. What an amazing day, felt just like summer.

For dinner hung out with some couch surfers, a very new concept to me, but rather interesting principles behind the community.

5 February

Paper rejected from BELIV workshop, so not sure if now gets accepted as a position paper. Have to check with them. The good side though is that I can now revise the paper and submit it to SoftVis?.

Went to a talk by Chris Richardson of POJOs in Action fame on Java SIG: Improving code with dependency injection and aspects. It was a good talk and he essentially talked about Spring and AspectJ?.

4 February

Listened to a talk by David Weekly on Starting PBWiki.

1 February

Had a talk at SAP by Azim Premji CEO of Indian firm Wipro.

January 2008

31 January

Went to a talk by Lawrence Lessig of Creative Commons fame on Free Culture.

Went to another talk today by Martin Wattenburg and Fernanda Viegas from IBM on Many-Eyes a new social visualisation web site tool.

30 January

Went to a talk by Allen Holub on the Google Web Toolkit at SD Forum. The guy turned up 35 mins late and then spent 15 mins trying to get the projector to work and then only showed about three slides. The rest of the talk showed some code which was totally uncomprehendable and then he just answered questions. It was quite good but he came across as being quite agressive.

29 January

Craeting some slides for the Eurographics tutorial.

Gave update to supervisors.

28 January

Went to a talk by Gemini Mobile on virtual worlds for mobile phones. They have a solution which works on Japanese handsets and is going to release a version for US phones in late 2008.

27 January

Went to Half Moon Bay to have a look. Nothing too much to write home about. Probably much better in the summer.

25 January

Listened to a talk by the guys from IVerse talk about Liquid Browsing and Liquid Browsing for your Desktop which was rather cool.

Working on some presentation slides for EG2008 tutorial.

24 January

Had dinner with Ian's supervisor Robert Stroud who is at Google in Ireland.

Submitted paper to WEUSE at ICSE.

21-23 January

Writing a paper for the Fourth Workshop on End-User Software Engineering (WEUSE) at ICSE 2008.

20 January

Took a drive through Big Sur.

19 January

Went to Berkeley and to UC Berkeley.

18 January

Got a bad cold.

17 January

Listened to a talk by Martin Rinard on fault tolerant software or failure oblivious computing.

16 January

Suffering from a cold.

15 January

Listened to the SAP CEO Henning Kagermann talk about upcoming information about SAP, it was really interesting.

14 January

For all those Mac lovers out there, the Macworld conference starts today in San Francisco. It will be interesting to see what Steve Jobs unveils at his keynote tomorrow morning. Last year he talked about the iPhone, and the year before that Intel Macs. Perhaps this year it might have something to do with the iCar and perhaps VolksWagon may have something to do with it as well!

13 January

Went to the San Jose Car show and saw a Bugatti worth 1.7 million USD. Most of the cars were mainly family based cars for 2008 and 2009 models.

11 January

Finally have an empty email inbox!!!

6-10 January

Suffering from a cold.

Using the ExtJS JavaScript library for the layout of my web application. It seems to be a very nice way to create desktop like GUI applications in a web environment.

5 January

Back in Mountain View, CA.

4 January

Saw Statute of Liberty, Ground Zero, NYSE, Wall St and a few pubs in the East Village, including the Kiwi Pub called Nelson Blue.

3 January

Went up that tall building the Empire State Building, saw the Cirque Du Soleil winter show, had dinner with some people who are working on a wiki project. Saw the film Juno which I don't think is that good even though it has a good rating. Also froze since it is very cold in NYC.

2 January

Off to Central Park, and the Metropolitan museum. Saw Times Square and an ice skating ring in the middle of the city.

1 January

Left Philadelphia after seeing some of the Mummers parade and then drove to New York City. Tried to go to Princeton University since it was on the way, but my GPS device directed me to the wrong place. The device is not so good at directing to places without addresses smile Made it to NYC and drove through Times Square. Took the subway and got lost. The subway in Paris and London I think is more user friendly.

A new year dawns upon me and all I can think about is now getting on with the business of doing the PhD?.