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We meet weekly on Friday (1200-1300) in CO255 and discuss Programming Languages research. Michael Homer is the contact person. Note that this forms essential part of the Programming Languages Research Group.

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14/02/20 --- Hazel: Live and Direct Functional Programming with Holes. Cyrus Omar, Ian Voysey, Matthew Hammer, Ravi Chugh. In LIVE'18. LINK


06/12/19 --- Learning to Listen for Design. Elisa Baniassad, Ivan Beschastnikh, Reid Holmes, Gregor Kiczales, Meghan Allen. In Onward! 2019. LINK

29/11/2019 --- Research for Practice: Troubling Trends in Machine-Learning Scholarship. Zachary C. Lipton, Jacob Steinhardt. In CACM. LINK

22/11/2019 --- Standard Object Out: Streaming Objects with Polymorphic Write Streams. Marcel Weiher, Robert Hirschfeld. In DLS'19. LINK

08/11/19 --- Approaching polyglot programming: what can we learn from bilingualism studies?. Rebecca Hao and Elena Glassman. In PLATEAU'19. LINK

29/09/19 --- Type-Directed Program Transformations for the Working Functional Programmer. Justin Lubin and Ravi Chugh. In PLATEAU'19. LINK

06/09/19 --- mov is Turing-complete. Stephen Dolan. LINK

16/08/19 --- Predicting Program Properties from 'Big Code'. Veselin Raychev, Martin Vechev, Andreas Krause. In CACM. LINK (originally POPL). Technical foreword

09/08/19 --- Exploring C semantics and pointer provenance. Kayvan Memarian, Victor B. F. Gomes, Brooks Davis, Stephen Kell, Alexander Richardson, Robert N. M. Watson, Peter Sewell. In POPL'19. LINK

26/07/19 --- Observing the Uptake of a Language Change Making Strings Immutable. Manuel Maarek. In PLATEAU'18. LINK

05/07/19 --- Codata in Action. Paul Downen, Zachary Sullivan, Zena M. Ariola, Simon Peyton Jones. In ESOP'19. LINK

28/06/19 --- Move: A Language With Programmable Resources. Sam Blackshear, Evan Cheng, David L. Dill, Victor Gao, Ben Maurer, Todd Nowacki, Alistair Pott, Shaz Qadeer, Rain, Dario Russi, Stephane Sezer, Tim Zakian, Runtian Zhou. Technical report. LINK

31/05/19 --- A Type System for Well-Founded Recursion. Derek Dreyer. In POPL'04. LINK

17/05/19 --- Shallow Effect Handlers. Daniel Hillerström and Sam Lindley. In APLAS'18. LINK

10/05/19 --- C Is Not A Low-level Language. David Chisnall. In CACM and ACM Queue. LINK (CACM), LINK (ACM Queue)

12/04/19 --- On the Impact of Programming Languages on Code Quality. Emery D. Berger, Celeste Hollenbeck, Petr Maj, Olga Vitek, Jan Vitek. In ???. LINK

05/04/19 --- On the Impact of Programming Languages on Code Quality. Emery D. Berger, Celeste Hollenbeck, Petr Maj, Olga Vitek, Jan Vitek. In ???. LINK

15/03/19 --- How Should Compilers Explain Problems to Developers?. Titus Barik, Denae Ford, Emerson Murphy-Hill, Chris Parnin. In FSE'18. LINK

08/03/19 --- What is PL Research? The Talk. Michael Hicks. LINK

01/03/19 --- On the Usage of “Pythonic” Idioms. Carol V. Alexandru, José J. Merchante, Sebastiano Panichella, Sebastian Proksch, Harald Gall, Gregorio Robles. In Onward!'18. LINK

01/02/19 --- PANE: Programming with visible data. Joshua Horowitz. In LIVE'18. LINK

25/01/19 --- Calculation View: multiple-representation editing in spreadsheets. Advait Sarkar, Andy Gordon, Simon Peyton Jones, Neil Toronto. In VL/HCC'18. LINK

18/01/19 --- Languages as First-Class Citizens. Matteo Cimini. In SLE'18. LINK


14/12/18 --- Pattern Matching in an Open World. Weixin Zhang and Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira. In GPCE'18. LINK

30/11/18 --- Programming by example: efficient, but not "helpful". Mark Santolucito, Drew Goldman, Allyson Weseley, Ruzica Piskac. In PLATEAU'18. LINK

23/11/18 --- Morbig, a static parser for POSIX shell. Yann Régis-Gianas, Nicolas Jeannerod, Ralf Treinen. In SLE'18. LINK

16/11/18 --- KafKa: Gradual Typing for Objects. Benjamin Chung, Paley Li, Francesco Zappa Nardelli, Jan Vitek. In ECOOP'18. LINK

09/11/18 --- Understanding Java Usability by Mining GitHub Repositories. Mark Lemay. In PLATEAU'18. LINK

19/10/18 --- Bringing the Web up to Speed with WebAssembly. Andreas Haas, Andreas Rossberg, Derek L. Schuff, Ben L. Titzer, Michael Holman, Dan Gohman, Luke Wagner, Alon Zakai, JF Bastien. In PLDI. LINK

12/10/18 --- Thinking out of the Box: Comparing metaphors for variables in programming education. Felienne Hermans, Alaaeddin Swidan, Efthimia Aivaloglou, Marileen Smit. In WiPSCE'18. LINK

05/10/18 --- The Promises and Perils of Mining GitHub. Kalliamvakou, Eirini and Gousios, Georgios and Blincoe, Kelly and Singer, Leif and German, Daniel M. and Damian, Daniela. LINK

28/09/18 --- Capturing the Future by Replaying the Past (Functional Pearl). James Koppel, Gabriel Scherer, and Armando Solar-Lezema. In ICFP'18. LINK

14/09/18 --- MadMax: Surviving Out-of-Gas Conditions in Ethereum Smart Contracts. Neville Grech, Michael Kong, Anton Jurisevic, Lexi Brent, Bernhard Scholz, Yannis Smaragdakis. In OOPSLA'18. LINK

07/09/18 --- What Programming Languages Do Developers Use? A Theory of Static vs Dynamic Language Choice. Aaron Pang, Craig Anslow, James Noble. In VL/HCC 2018. LINK

17/08/18 --- Context-Dependent Type Error Diagnosis for Functional Languages. Alejandro Serrano, Jurriaan Hage. LINK

10/08/18 --- Free Delivery (Functional Pearl). Jeremy Gibbons. In Haskell '16. LINK

03/08/18 --- Do Enhanced Compiler Error Messages Help Students?: Results Inconclusive. Raymond S. Pettit, John Homer, Roger Gee. LINK

13/07/18 --- More Than the Code: Learning Rules of Rejection in Writing Programs. Josh Tenenberg, Wolff-Michael Roth, Donald Chinn, Alfredo Jornet, David Socha, Skip Walter. LINK

08/06/18 --- Typed First-Class Traits. Xuan Bi, Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira. LINK

25/05/18 --- The Love/Hate Relationship with the C Preprocessor: An Interview Study. Flávio Medeiros, Christian Kästner, Márcio Ribeiro, Sarah Nadi, Rohit Gheyi. In ECOOP'15. LINK

18/05/18 --- On the Cost of Type-Tag Soundness. Ben Greenman and Zeina Migeed. In PEPM’18. LINK

11/05/18 --- Collapsing Towers of Interpreters. Nada Amin, Tiark Rompf. In In POPL'18. LINK

04/05/18 --- The Box: A Replacement for Files. Francisco J. Ballesteros and Sergio Arévalo. In HOTOS'99. LINK, PS, HTML

27/04/18 --- The VM already knew that: leveraging compile-time knowledge to optimize gradual typing. Gregor Richards, Ellen Arteca, Alexi Turcotte. In OOPSLA'17. LINK

06/04/18 --- SQLizer: query synthesis from natural language. Navid Yaghmazadeh, Yuepeng Wang, Isil Dillig, Thomas Dillig. In OOPSLA'17. LINK

23/03/18 --- Word expansion supports POSIX shell interactivity. Michael Greenberg. In Programming Experience 2018. LINK

02/03/18 --- Tracking the Flow of Ideas through the Programming Languages Literature. Michael Greenberg, Kathleen Fisher, and David Walker. In SNAPL'15. LINK

23/02/18 --- Understanding the use of lambda expressions in Java. Davood Mazinanian, Ameya Ketkar, Nikolaos Tsantalis, Danny Dig. In OOPSLA'17. LINK

16/02/18 --- Robust Programs with Filtered Iterators. Jiasi Shen and Martin Rinard. In SLE'17. LINK

09/02/18 --- Migrating Gradual Types. John Peter Campora, Sheng Chen, Martin Erwig, Eric Walkingshaw. In POPL'18. LINK

02/02/18 --- User-Defined Operators Including Name Binding for New Language Constructs. Kazuhiro Ichikawa and Shigeru Chiba. In The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming. LINK

26/01/18 --- Error Messages are Classifiers: A Process to Design and Evaluate Error Messages. John Wrenn, Shriram Krishnamurthi. In Onward!'17. LINK


01/12/17 --- Concept Analysis in Programming Language Research: Done Well It Is All Right. Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho. In Onward! 17. LINK

17/11/17 --- Virtual machine warmup blows hot and cold. Edd Barrett, Carl Friedrich Bolz-Tereick, Rebecca Killick, Sarah Mount, Laurence Tratt. In OOPSLA'17. LINK

10/11/17 --- A Large-Scale Study of Programming Languages and Code Quality in GitHub. Baishakhi Ray, Daryl Posnett, Premkumar Devanbu, Vladimir Filkov. In CACM. LINK

20/10/17 --- Practice talk from Alex Potanin: Capabilities and Effects, OCAP.

13/10/17 --- Sound Gradual Typing is Alive and Well. Fabian Muehlboeck and Ross Tate. In OOPSLA'17. LINK

06/10/17 --- To Type or Not to Type: Quantifying Detectable Bugs in JavaScript. Zheng Gao, Christian Bird, Earl T. Barr. In ICSE'17. LINK

29/09/17 --- The F# Computation Expression Zoo. Tomas Petricek and Don Syme. In PADL'14. LINK

22/09/17 --- Can We Crowdsource Language Design?. Preston Tunnell Wilson, Justin Pombrio, and Shriram Krishnamurthi. In Onward!'17. LINK

15/09/17 --- Some Were Meant for C: The Endurance of an Unmanageable Language. Stephen Kell. In Onward!'17. LINK

08/09/17 --- Gradual Session Types. Atsushi Igarashi, Peter Thiemann, Vasco Vasconcelos, Philip Wadler. In ICFP'17. LINK

18/08/17 --- Just-in-Time Inheritance: a dynamic and implicit multiple inheritance mechanism. Mattias De Wael, Janwillem Swalens, and Wolfgang De Meuter. In DLS'16. LINK

11/08/17 --- Gradual typing is morally incorrect; we're all monsters now. Timothy Jones and Michael Homer. In NOOL'15. LINK, slides

04/08/17 --- Evaluating the dynamic behaviour of Python applications. Alex Holkner, James Harland. In ACSC'09. LINK

28/07/17 --- A Gradual Interpretation of Union Types. Matías Toro and Éric Tanter. LINK

14/07/17 --- Om language study. LINK

7/07/17 --- Lenses in Functional Programming. Albert Steckermeier. LINK

30/06/17 --- Compiling without Continuations. Luke Maurer, Paul Downen, Zena M. Ariola, and Simon Peyton Jones. In PLDI'17. LINK

23/06/17 --- jq language study. LINK, LINK

16/06/17 --- Do Developers Read Compiler Error Messages?. Titus Barik, Justin Smith, Kevin Lubick, Elisabeth Holmes, Jing Feng, Emerson Murphy-Hill, and Chris Parnin. In ICSE '17. LINK

09/06/17 --- Object-oriented units of measurement. Eric Allen, David Chase, Victor Luchangco, Jan-Willem Maessen, and Guy L. Steele, Jr. In OOPSLA'04. LINK

02/06/17 --- Migratory Typing: Ten Years Later. Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, Matthias Felleisen, Robert Findler, Matthew Flatt, Ben Greenman, Andrew M. Kent, Vincent St-Amour, T. Stephen Strickland, Asumu Takikawa. In SNAPL'17. LINK

26/05/17 --- Unicode Support Shootout: The Good, the Bad, & the (mostly) Ugly. Tom Christiansen. In OSCON'11. LINK

19/05/17 --- Fusing Effectful Comprehensions. Olli Saarikivi, Margus Veanes, Todd Mytkowicz, and Madan Musuvathi. In PLDI'17. LINK

12/05/17 --- A Capability-Based Module System for Authority Control. Darya Melicher, Yangqingwei Shi, Alex Potanin, Jonathan Aldrich. To appear in ECOOP'17.

05/05/17 --- EvilPickles: DoS attacks based on Object-Graph Engineering. Jens Dietrich, Kamil Jezek, Shawn Rasheed, Amjed Tahir, Alex Potanin. To appear in ECOOP'17.

28/04/17 --- VoxPL: Programming with the Wisdom of the Crowd. Daniel Barowy, Emery Berger, Daniel Goldstein, and Siddharth Suri. To appear in CHI'17. LINK

21/04/17 --- Data exploration through dot-driven development. Tomas Petricek. To appear in ECOOP'17. LINK

07/04/17 --- A paper about gradual typing. Anonymous author(s). Draft. LINK

31/03/17 --- On the (Mis) Understanding of the "this" Reference. Noa Ragonis and Ronit Shmallo. In SIGCSE'17. LINK

24/03/17 --- Do be do be do. Sam Lindley, Conor McBride, Craig McLaughlin. In POPL 2017 LINK

17/03/17 --- Always-available static and dynamic feedback. Michael Bayne, Richard Cook, Michael D. Ernst. In ICSE'11. LINK

10/03/17 --- Browsix: Bridging the Gap Between Unix and the Browser. Bobby Powers, John Vilk, Emery D. Berger. In ASPLOS 2017. LINK

03/03/17 --- Liberating the programmer with prorogued programming. Mehrdad Afshari, Earl T. Barr, and Zhendong Su. In Onward! 2012. LINK

24/02/17 --- Asynchronous Functional Reactive Programming for GUIs. Evan Czaplicki, Stephen Chong. In PLDI'13. LINK and see also live-coding Mario and/or an introductory presentation from ELC 2012.

17/02/17 --- Declarative Interaction Design for Data Visualization. Arvind Satyanarayan, Kanit Wongsuphasawat, Jeffrey Heer. In UIST'14. LINK

10/02/17 --- Phrase-Based Statistical Translation of Programming Languages. Svetoslav Karaivanov, Veselin Raychev, Martin Vechev. In Onward! 2014. LINK

03/02/17 --- Extensible Model for Comparison of Expressiveness of Object-Oriented Programming Languages. Ruslan Batdalov, Oksana Ņikiforova, Adrian Giurca. In Applied Computer Systems. LINK

27/01/17 --- Learning Syntactic Program Transformations from Examples. Reudismam Rolim, Gustavo Soares, Loris D’antoni, Oleksandr Polozov, Sumit Gulwani, Rohit Gheyi, Ryo Suzuki and Bjorn Hartmann. In ICSE'17. LINK

20/01/17 --- How are Programs Found? Speculating About Language Ergonomics With Curry-Howard. Johannes Emerich. In Onward!'16. LINK

13/01/17 --- What Is a Programming Language, Really? Andrew J. Ko. In PLATEAU'16 LINK


12/12/16 --- Verifying Quantitative Reliability for Programs that Execute on Unreliable Hardware, Michael Carbin, Sasa Misailovic, Martin C. Rinard. In CACM'16 LINK

02/12/16 --- Type Soundness for Dependent Object Types (DOT), Tiark Rompf and Nada Amin. In OOPSLA'16 LINK

25/11/16 --- Java and scala's type systems are unsound: the existential crisis of null pointers. Nada Amin, Ross Tate. In OOPSLA'16 LINK

28/10/16 --- Lightweight programming experiments without programmers and programs: an example study on the effect of similarity and number of object identifiers on the readability of source code using natural texts, Marter et al. In ONWARD'16 LINK

21/10/16 --- An empirical study on the impact of C++ lambdas and programmer experience, Phillip Merlin Uesbeck et al, in ICSE'16. LINK

14/10/16 --- Types from data: Making structured data first-class citizens in F#, Petricek et al. In PLDI'16 LINK

07/10/16 --- Learning to Program is Easy, Luxton-Reilly et al. In ITiCSE'16 LINK

30/09/16 --- Fine-grained Language Composition: A Case Study, Barrett et al. In ECOOP'16 LINK

09/09/16 --- Semantic Versioning versus Breaking Changes: A Study of the Maven Repository, Raemaekers et al. In SCAM'14 LINK

02/09/16 --- Failure is a Four-Letter Word: A Parody in Empirical Research, Zeller et al. In PROMISE'11 LINK

26/08/16 --- Contracts in Practice, Estler et al. In FM2014 LINK

19/08/16 --- Assert use in Github Projects, Casey Casalnuovo, et al. In ICSE'15 LINK

12/08/16 --- Rehearsal: a configuration verification tool for puppet, Rian Shambaugh, et al. In PLDI'16 LINK

15/07/16 --- Into the Depths of C: Elaborating the De Facto Standards, Kayvan Memarian, et al. In PLDI'16 LINK

08/07/16 --- Coverage-directed differential testing of JVM implementations, Yuting Chen, et al. In PLDI'16. LINK

24/06/16 --- A Mechanical Soundness Proof for Subtyping over Recursive Types, Timothy Jones and David J. Pearce. In FTfJP'16. LINK

17/06/16 --- Tim Jones gave practice talk for ECOOP paper

10/06/16 42 --- The definitive answer to design, code and everything. A discussion with Marco Servetto on his language 42.

27/05/16 On the techniques we create, the tools we build, and their misalignments: a study of KLEE, Eric F. Rizzi, Sebastian Elbaum, Matthew B. Dwyer. In ICSE'16. LINK

20/05/16 Reference Capabilities for Concurrency Control, Elias Castegren and Tobias Wrigstad. In ECOOP'16 LINK

13/05/16 Lessons Learned from 30 Years of MINIX, Andrew S. Tanenbaum. In CACM, 2016. LINK

06/05/16 All Syntax Errors are Not Equal, Paul Denny, Andrew Luxton-Reilly, Ewan Tempero. In ITiCSE '12. LINK

29/04/16 37 Million Compilations: Investigating Novice Programming Mistakes in Large-Scale Student Data. In SIGCSE'15 LINK

29/04/16 Investigating Novice Programming Mistakes: Educator Beliefs vs Student Data. In ICER'14 LINK

22/04/2016 Impendulo: debugging the programmer, Willem Visser, Jaco Geldenhuys. In ASE'10. LINK

15/04/2016 Classless Java LINK

08/04/2016 Object Inheritance without Classes, Timothy Jones, Michael Homer, James Noble, and Kim Bruce. In ECOOP'16 LINK

03/03/2016 None, One, Many – What’s the Difference, Anyhow? Friedrich Steimann. In SNAPL'15 LINK

18/02/2016 The Silently Shifting Semicolon, Daniel Marino, Todd Millstein, et al. In SNAPL'15 LINK

11/02/2016 Type systems for the masses: deriving soundness proofs and efficient checkers, Sylvia Grewe1 et al. In Onward 2015. LINK

05/02/2016 Mechanized Verification of Fine-grained Concurrent Programs, Ilya Sergey et al. In PLDI'16 LINK. See also Short Video.

29/09/2016 Is Sound Gradual Typing Dead?, Asumu Takikawa, et al. In POPL'16 LINK

22/01/2016 seL4: Formal verification of an OS kernel, Gerwin Klein, Kevin Elphinstone, et al. In SOSP'09 (Best Paper Award) LINK

15/01/2016 The Expression Problem, Trivially!, Yanlin Wang and Bruno Oliveira. In MODULATIRY'16. LINK


11/12/2015 Defining the undefinedness of C, Chris Hathhorn, Chucky Ellison, Grigore Roşu. In PLDI'15. LINK

20/11/2015 Towards a Dynamic Object Model within Unix Processes, Stephen Kell. In Onward!'15. LINK

06/11/2015 Disjointness Domains for Fine-Grained Aliasing, Stephan Brandauer, Dave Clarke, and Tobias Wrigstad. In SPLASH'15. LINK

02/10/2015 A Sound and Optimal Incremental Build System with Dynamic Dependencies, Sebastian Erdweg, Moritz Lichter and Manuel Weiel. In OOPSLA15. LINK

25/09/2015 Classes versus Prototypes in Object-Oriented Languages, Alan Borning. In ACM'86. LINK

11/09/2015 Practical principled FRP: forget the past, change the future, FRPNow!, Atze van der Ploeg and Koen Claessen. In ICFP'15. LINK

04/09/2015 Using Commutative Assessments to Compare Conceptual Understanding in Blocks-based and Text-based Programs, David Weintrop and Uri Wilensky. In ICER'15. LINK

28/08/2015 Transparent Object Proxies for JavaScript, Matthias Keil, Sankha Narayan Guria, Andrewas Schlegel, Manuel Geffken, and Peter Thiemann. In ECOOP'15. LINK

19/08/2015 How Scale Affects Structure in Java Programs, Cristina V. Lopes and Joel Ossher. In OOPSLA'15. LINK

14/08/2015 Lightweight Support for Magic Wands in an Automatic Verifier, Malte Schwerhoff and Alexander J. Summers. In ECOOP'15 LINK

07/08/2015 *"Talos", Clint Talbert and Joel Maher. LINK

31/07/2015 How Programmers Read Regular Code: A Controlled Experiment Using Eye Tracking, Ahmad Jbara and Dror G. Feitelson. In ICSE'2015. LINK

24/07/2015 An introduction to the Rust programming language and its type system, Nick Cameron. ECS Seminar. LINK

17/07/2015 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: An Empirical Study of Implicit Type Conversions in JavaScript, Michael Pradel and Koushik Sen. In ECOOP'15 LINK

10/07/2015 Polymorphic Blocks: Formalism-Inspired UI for Structured Connectors, Sorin Lerner Stephen R. Foster William G. Griswold. In CHI'15 LINK

03/07/2015 Operators and precedence in programming language design (PhD Proposal Presentation Practice), Najwani Razali.

26/06/2015 - Brand Objects for Nominal Typing (practice presentation), By Tim Jones, Micheal Homer and James Noble. In ECOOP'15 LINK

19/06/2015 - Who Builds a House without Drawing Blueprints?. By Leslie Lamport. In CACM, 2015. LINK

12/06/2015 - Towards Practical Gradual Typing, Asumu Takikawa, Daniel Feltey, Earl Dean, Matthew Flatt, Robert Bruce Findler, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, and Matthias Felleisen

28/05/2015 - A Theory of Tagged Objects, Joseph Lee, Jonathan Aldrich, Troy Shaw, and Alex Potanin. In ECOOP'15 (to appear) LINK

21/05/2015 - Swapsies on the Internet, Sophia Drossopoulou, James Noble and Mark Miller, Technical Report, 2015. LINK

14/05/2015 - Concrete Types for TypeScript, Gregor Richards, Francesco Zappa Nardelli, and Jan Vitek. In ECOOP'15 (to appear) LINK

01/05/2015 - An Empirical Study of the Impact of Modern Code Review Practices on Software Quality, Shane McIntosh, Yasutaka Kamei, Bram Adams, and Ahmed E. Hassan. In ESE'15 (to appear) LINK

24/04/2015 - Zero-Overhead Metaprogramming: Reflection and Metaobject Protocols Fast and without Compromises. Stefan Marr, Chris Seaton and Stephane Ducasse. In PLDI'15. LINK

20/03/2015 - A Theory of Name Resolution. Pierre Neron, Andrew Tolmach, Eelco Visser and Guido Wachsmuth. In ESOP'15 LINK

13/03/2015 - Brand Objects for Nominal Typing. Timothy Jones, Michael Homer, and James Noble. In ECOOP'15, to appear.

06/03/2015 - Moving Fast with Software Verification, Cristiano Calcagno, Dino Distefano, Jeremy Dubreil, Dominik Gabi, Pieter Hooimeijer, Martino Luca, Irene Papakonstantinou, Jim Purbrick, Dulma Rodriguez. NASA Formal Method Symposium '11 LINK

20/02/2015 - James Greenwood-Thesman giving technical talk about his summer project.

13/02/2015 - Isolation of Malicious External Inputs in a Security Focused Adaptive Execution Environment, Aaron Paulos, Partha Pal, Richard Schantz, Brett Benyo, David Johnson, Mike Hibler, and Eric Eide. ARES'13 LINK

30/01/2015 - Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Formal Verification of C Code Without the Pain, David Greenaway Japheth Lim June Andronick Gerwin Klein, PLDI, 2014. LINK

23/01/2015 - Pycket: A Tracing JIT For a Functional Language, Spenser Bauman, Carl Friedrich Bolz, Robert Hirschfeld, Vasily Krilichev, Tobias Pape, Jeremy Siek, Sam Tobin-Hochstad.( LINK)


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